Why Your Company Needs to get Cyber Safe Now

The focus of this blog is being Cyber Safe - not just for businesses but for everyone! As a member/employee/owner, awareness of these issues is essential, but not necessarily enough in itself. It's our responsibility to keep information Cyber Safe!

To keep everything running and safe in your organisation, you'll need to fight crime - cybercrime! The internet empowers amazing ideas and thoughts – but cybercriminals can also use it to harvest confidential information about your customers and organisation. For example, we can comment on videos shared from people we’ve never met before. That’s amazing but is also a risk to take as we’re also disclosing information about ourselves at the same time.

Being Cyber Safe is about protecting your information, which is often the most critical asset a company will own.

Be a Cybercrime Fighter!

  • Educate Know what the current threats are, and be aware of what causes these risks - then spread the word!
  • Invest in antivirus / anti-malware software like Webroot or Sophos. These are robust applications that will help protect spam, malware and viruses again. Though this is not enough by itself, this can lessen your worry.
  • Creating a strong policy on PASSWORDS. Make sure your policy specifies not to share these to anyone - a big NO! You may want to consider resetting your passwords often.

Do you use any of these UNSAFE Passwords?

  • Password
  • 123456
  • qwerty
  • "Your birthday"

The same password used across multiple sites/systems

This is not good practice. They are easy to guess or crack - really easy if it’s a bot doing the guessing. If you reuse a password across multiple sites, once one site is compromised, a hacker may have access to all your services.

  • Make it a habit to change your WIFI password regularly.
  • Consider Web Blocker: Ad Guard Blocker/Chrome extensions to block those malicious pop-up
  • Lock your computer if you are going away from your desk
  • Do not save your password on a sticky note.

Securing our devices is one way of protecting confidential information about the company and employees. It’s also a way of making sure that sensitive information such as credit card data is not being accessed easily. If your computer has been lost or stolen, security information can be used to investigate the loss.

Cybercrime is not going away anytime soon. It’s scarier and more advanced than ever before. Cybercrime is also becoming increasingly difficult to detect using traditional methods. With stakes this high, it is time to move to the next level!

Being a Cybercrime Fighter is an ongoing process. This involves determining assets you need to secure, identifying threats, risks and safeguards you should put in place and monitoring safeguards and assets to prevent or manage security breaches.

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Posted by Mary Cunanan

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