Why Employee Of The Month Certificates Might Be Hurting Your Company Culture

Keeping employees engaged in their roles at work is an essential element that contributes to the company’s success. One of the easiest and most effective ways to enhance employee engagement is to recognize them where recognition is due. Employee rewards and acknowledgement for noteworthy contributions to the business will not only keep them involved but will also inspire your employees to take further initiative and action to help the business thrive.

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Like most businesses, here at Evolve IT we have adopted a system of recognition and reward to ensure that our employees felt appreciated for the work they did. The managers within the business select the employees they thought had done significant work throughout the month and offer one person the Employee of The Month certificate. It worked quite well until we announced the wrong person! It also only allowed for one person to be recognized per month, leaving many others feeling inadequate, even if they had given it their all for the month.

The very next week we looked at the process of recognition and concluded that the managers shouldn't be the ones choosing an employee of the month. There are feats of greatness that they might miss because their roles can often take them elsewhere within the business. We decided to involve everyone in the business in the process of deciding who should be recognized for doing great work and aligned the process with our core values. We also started using Bonusly, which takes a very holistic view of the rewards process and gamifies it. It didn’t take long for employee satisfaction to increase significantly.

Implementing Bonusly 

Using Bonusly, we implemented a peer-to-peer programme that gave us the opportunity to create a few more avenues for recognition and reward:

  • Employee incentives
    • Employees can gain a clear view of what they can be rewarded with if they maintain a positive streak of excellence, assistance, kindness etc
  • A number of different awards for different acts
    • These can be ad hoc or set in stone
  • Praise and identification for various acts
    • Anyone and everyone can offer praise when a colleague has outdone themselves
  • Not necessarily given out at the end of every month, but as and when they are achieved
    • This keeps the momentum going throughout each day, week, month and year
  • Small mementos or gold stars, which can be accumulated and exchanged for something of value to the employee
    • Employees can give each other gold stars when help has been appreciated or someone has gone out of their way to ease a process for someone else

Not only does a system like this build morale, incite excitement and encourage employees to actively play a part in the business, but it builds a positive culture within the company. It creates bonds between colleagues and gamifies the act of saying thank you, which can often be difficult to express.

How do you boost morale in your business? Do you recognise your employees for their acts of kindness, hard work and team play? If not, perhaps now is a good time to start.

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