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Today in the Evolve IT Lab, Lachie and Ben talk about Cryptojacking. Now that cryptocurrency has become mainstream and a worldwide phenomenon, more people than ever are trying their luck on a coin. However, so are cybercriminals!

Unfortunately, where there is money, there are cybercriminals and people that want to exploit it. Enter Cryptojacking, where hackers use a victims computer to mine cryptocurrency to fill their wallets.

Recently, hackers compromised thousands of websites— When a visitor accessed one of these sites, it injected code that hijacked their’ computers to mine cryptocurrency.

The hackers ended up with so much computing that they could have done anything. However, they chose to mine cryptocurrency.

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Lachie: Good day, guys, and welcome back to the Evolve IT Labs. My name's Lachie, and we've got Ben back from SOPHOS. Welcome back.

Ben: Thanks for having me again.

Lachie: Guys, today, we're gonna be discussing a hot topic. We're gonna be discussing cryptocurrency mining. So, it's something that might be affecting you, and you don't even know. So, Ben's here to explain more of this.

Ben: Absolutely. 

Lachie: What is crytpo mining?

Ben: So essentially, it's designed to, again, mine bitcoin or similar coins in the background. So, one uses their computer, completely unaware that they might have been infected on the website that they're on, essentially, using the CPU in their computer to make the attacker money.

Lachie: So, what happens is the cyber criminal might target an end user's computer, and install some software on there, and that would mine bitcoin. Is that roughly how it works?

Ben: It's actually even easier than that, and we saw a breach with nearly every government website, globally, over the last week. And, essentially, it's just a matter of running some simple code in the background of a website, and before you know it, you've got yourself millions of people mining those cryptocurrencies for you. 

Lachie: Wow. So, the next one's gonna be real easy for you. So, what are the risks, and how do you identify them?

Ben: Yeah, so, from a risk perspective, there isn't a huge amount, but it is annoying to a user, because essentially, when the computer is churning away, trying to mine these cryptocurrencies, it's gonna be running slower, and generating this mining for them. So there's not a huge amount of risk, but it is something that's quite intrusive and annoying for a user. 

Lachie: Yeah, right. So, key question, I guess, is, how can people prevent this happening to them?

Ben: Yeah, so that's where an antivirus and firewall come into play. They both stop cryptocurrency miners. They're doing a very good job. It doesn't matter which vendor you're with. We're all doing a really good job of being able to defend against this style of attacks. On top of that, as well, though, you need to look at antivirus for home. A lot of people don't run antivirus at home, especially on Macs as well, and Macs are just as open to these attacks, so install an antivirus, straight away.

Lachie: And SOPHOS actually does have a free antivirus for the home users, don't they.

Ben: We do at home.sophos.com, and you can get a great antivirus.

Lachie: Great. we will also put that our show notes, so people can download it, just for their home PCs, and make sure they're protected.

Ben: Perfect.

Lachie: Great. All Right, guys. Thank you very much, and thank you, Ben.

Ben: Thank you. 

Lachie: We'll see you next time.


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