[VIDEO] Whats It Like Working In Cyber Security?

Lachie and Ben gather today in the Evolve IT Lab to have a different discussion on what it’s like to work in cybersecurity. Is it enjoyable? How do they stay on top of threats? What’s the worst attack you’ve seen?

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  • Personally, Ben believes that working in cybersecurity is fun and enjoyable. There is constant re-education occurring because as time goes on threats change, What Cyber experts  were working on 2 years ago is completely irrelevant to what he is working on now due to the evolving threat’s being developed constantly online.
  • Cyber experts need to stay on top of threats through an unexpected source like Twitter, they assess what other cybersecurity experts are doing and use these open communication channels as a basis for knowledge growth and to get real time intelligence on cyber threats.
  • Ben uses the SOPHOS lab and other colleagues at SOPHOS to give him a better idea on what threats are out their as well as using twitter.
  • According to Ben May 2017 produced possibly the worst cyber-attack he has had to deal with called WannaCry. The process of encrypting everyone’s files and locking them out caused an extreme amount of panic Inside organisations, including the security organisations themselves.

Ben closes with some expert advice for beginning organisations which focus’ on sticking with the basics first and not to worry about technology specifically.

Cyber Security is an expanding field to work in which as time goes on will only grow even more, every 40 seconds, a company get’s hit with a ransomware? What can you do to prevent this happening to your organisation?

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