[VIDEO] What Does Malware Actually Do To Your Computer?

 Today in the Evolve IT lab Lachie and Ben discuss Malware. Previously we have discussed how to avoid getting malware and what malware is. However, today we will be discussing what it does to your computer?Non-Profit Ransomware AttackInside this video, Lachie has been accompanied by Ben, a cyber-security expert from SOPHOS. We continue to ask Ben a range of questions about malware which includes discussions on...

Ransomware and how it gives hackers the ability to lock you out of your files and demand a ransom (which may not always be of monetary value) to receive control of your computer again.
Crypto-Jacking is another trend of cybercriminals. When infected the cybercrminal proceeds to mine Crypto-currencies on your PC.
• Many people have been tricked into thinking that they have an Anti-virus already installed on their PC or MAC, only to find out they have been infected with a virus

In the conclusion of the video, Ben provides us with useful information on how to download anti-virus for your personal computer through the SOPHOS website at https://home.sophos.com/


At Evolve IT we take great pride in partnering with organisations. Our team specialises in developing customised solutions to help you get the most out of your technology which is inclusive of assisting you with any types of malware prevention techniques and also provide general advice on any cyber-security queries your organisation may have.



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