[Video] Three Tips To Successfully On-board New Staff


This week in the Evolve IT Lab we sit down with our Service Desk Team Leader - Jason Thomas, and discuss on-boarding new staff within your organisation. Along with your internal policys and procedures these three tips will help you successfully onboard any new team members.

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Lachie: Good day, guys, and welcome to the Evolve IT Labs. My name is Lachie Dixon. I look after the customer experience. And this is Jas. Jas looks after our service desk. Welcome aboard again, mate.

Jason: Hi, everyone.

Lachie: All right, Jas. Today, we're going to be discussing three things to ensure you onboard your staff correctly, employees, everything. We see a lot of new employees come through, obviously. So, Jas, give us the first tip.

Jason: Yeah. First tip would be, give your IT department or your IT team lots of heads-up notice that you've got a new staff member starting. That gives the IT team the time to make sure that all the right resources, licenses are applied for that person's account. Then, they have the right electronic tools to get off and start working.

Lachie: Yeah. And we can also do a fair bit of testing and everything like that to ensure the new user's onboarded correctly.

Jason: Yeah, absolutely.

Lachie: Great. What's the second tip?

Jason: Yeah. Second tip is making sure that they've got the right tools for the job that you want them to do. If they're a highly mobile user, is way a consideration? Should we be thinking about a tablet or a notebook, depending on their type of job role. If they're an office worker, is a desktop a more appropriate type of system for them to be using? So, we want to make sure that the new person has got the right tools to do the most effective job possible.

Lachie: Perfect. And their account managers can also help them choose those tools, as well, there.

Jason: Absolutely.

Lachie: They are trained in that sort of department, so they can certainly help you out, picking those tools. What's your third and final tip?

Jason: Yeah. Third tip is, make sure that your staff member has got the right training so that they can do the most effective job possible. You know, what software are you asking them to use? What skills do they bring to the role? The better that's aligned with the job, the more effective they're going to be in their role.

Lachie: Perfect. Great tips, Jas. Thank you very much, guys, and thank you, Jason.

Jason: Thanks, Lachie.

Lachie: And we'll see you next time.

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