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 Today we sit down with Matt Robertson and discuss some of the key features in Microsoft To-Do. Microsoft To-Do is a productivity tool in your Microsoft 365 subscription that makes it easy to get stuff done, every day. 
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Lachie: G'day, guys, welcome to the Evolve IT Labs. My name is Lachie Dixon. Today, we got Matthew Robertson here, one of our Account Managers, and today we're going to be discussing Microsoft To-Do. Matt, welcome. 

Matthew: Thanks, Lachie. 

What is Microsoft To-Do?

Matthew: Yeah look, Microsoft To-Do is another application and part of the Microsoft 365 family, and it really is a tool that helps you keep track of your daily, weekly, and even monthly tasks. 

Lachie: Matt, we do a lot of videos on some of the more Portal Apps, you know, with 365 Portal App, purely because I feel that they're underutilized as a lot of tools. They sort of sit there and gather dust. 

Why would people use Microsoft To-Do?

Matthew: Yeah, look, it helps you remember exactly where you are on that though. I don't know about you, Lachie, but I get dragged into different compartments, quickly sometimes, to urgent issues, and sometimes the task won't carry on. It's missed that I have to then come back to. Look, To-Do is an application that I can quickly, and easily, add what I was doing at the time, to then come back to without the stress of trying to remember what I was up to. 

Lachie: Yeah, for me, I work better when I have, like, a shopping list or task list to do, and I can just tick them off end of the day. That sounds like a so cool computer tool.

Matthew: Yeah, absolutely. 

What are some of the key features?

Matthew: Yeah, look, it's a application that's accessible via your Outlook, web browser, and smartphone. They all integrate seamlessly together. So if you're updating something in your Outlook, then it syncs automatically to your smartphone or your web browser. 

How can we get access?

Matthew: Yeah, look it's a part of the 365 family as I said in full. 

Lachie: Yeah.

Matthew: So if you already got that, then you would likely have that access to that program. So if you wanted to discuss further, contact myself and we can go from there.

Lachie: All right. Well thanks, Matt. 

Matthew: No worries. 

Lachie: And thanks, Guys. Have a good one. 

Matthew: Thank you.

Lachie: See you next time. 

Matthew: See yeah. 

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