[VIDEO] Introduction To Identity Theft {Part 1}


Today in the Evolve IT Lab, Lachie and Jason discuss identity theft. When a cybercriminal hits your or your organisation with identity theft, it is not easy to shake and can severely hurt you and your organisation.
The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission rates identity crime as a critical enabler of serious and organised crime, which costs Australia around $15 billion annually.

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Lachie: Good day, guys, and welcome back to the Evolve IT Lab. My name is Lachie Dixon. Today, we've got Jase. Jase, welcome back.

Jason: Right. Thanks, Lachie. Thanks, everyone.

Lachie: Guys, today, we're gonna be discussing identity theft and what it is, why it's to important to you. We're gonna do this over a three-part series. So, we're going to discuss what it is today, a real life story, and how you can prevent getting your identity stolen. But today, we're gonna be discussing the introduction, Jase. So, Jase, what is identity theft?

Jason: Identify theft is, in essence, the stealing of your personally identifiable information to impersonate you.

Lachie: Okay, cool. So, why is it so important? What are the big risks?

Jason: The big risks are obviously financial. The whole intent of identify theft is to act as yourself to steal or to create fake loans, fake credit card applications, fake bank accounts, to either take money from financial institutions or transfer money that you have and almost always send that money overseas.

Lachie: Okay, great. So, how do the criminals actually get your information? How do they access it?

Jason: Yeah, so, a range of ways. Most commonly, publicly accessible WiFi or publicly accessible computers where there's no control or very limited security over those devices, social media, looking up what's publicly available to build up a profile of you and use that to steal, and also, obviously, it could be just devices like USB drives, thumb drives that have material on them, in essence, to steal information as you enter it.

Lachie: Yeah, right. Okay. Well, great. I'm looking forward to hearing about the real-life story in our next episode, but for now, see you next time.

Jason: Thanks, guys.

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