[VIDEO] Introduction To Identity Management

Today in the Evolve IT, Lachie and Ben discuss Identity Management.  How secure is your business identity? watch on here.

In this video we dicuss

  • What identity management is.
  • Getting smart with your identity.
  • What the risk are, if you don't protect yourself.
  • How you can protect yourself


Australia's Data Breach Scheme

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Lachie: Good day, guys, and welcome back to the Evolve IT Lab. My name's Lachie, and we've got Ben back from Sophos. Welcome, Ben.

Ben: Thanks for having me again.

Lachie: Guys, in some of our previous videos, Ben, we've discussed things like username and password policies, how you can protect...how to set a secure password. And today, we're going to be discussing identity management that locks completely onto that. So, Ben, what is identity management?

Ben: Yeah. So, it's not just leveraging, say, a password manager. It's also looking at things like multifactor authentication and going back to a single source for an identity. So, that way, you're not, say, with your corporate resources, having a password for Dropbox, and another one for YDrive, and another one for Salesforce, that kind of thing.

Lachie: Yeah, right. So, if you don't have things like identity management in place, what are some of the risks that you may have within your organization?

Ben: Absolutely. So, if you, say, have a different password for each one of those services, or you use the same password, but because they're not managed centrally, if, say, that user leaves, are you able to disable that account? Or, if they need to change their password because, for whatever reason, they've experienced a breach, you can't just change it in one central location. You have to go to each one of those services and change the password. So, it just imposes risks across the board.

Lachie: And also, say, you have policies when data are actually lost, as well, because I dare say, a lot of people out there had employees that have left and they've got things everywhere, personal Dropbox and everything like that, and you, actually, it's a central place that you can control their space, as well.

Ben: Absolutely.

Lachie: So, Ben, how do we go ahead and start setting up some of these stuff? What's the solution to identity management?

Ben: Look, it comes down to product at the end of the day, and there's a lot on the market that do it. And, obviously, in this case, you self-leverage yourself for your best advice said. But, yeah, there's a number of different ones. Like, at the moment, Duo Authentication is really doing the rounds, and something that we've looked at, as well, and it seems to be really good technology. And it's moved away from even that six-digit PIN number that changes every minute to just having to get a push notification, say your thumbprint on your phone, so it allows you into the device.

Lachie: Yeah. So, we use a lot of, obviously, a lot of our organizations that we look after utilize Office 365, so they use their two-pack Duo Authentication to do that.

Ben: Okay.

Lachie: And it works really well and it's easy to set up. So, yeah.

Ben: Cool.

Lachie: Well, thank you very much, Ben.

Ben: Pleasure to be here again.

Lachie: And thank you, everyone. We'll see you next time.



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