[VIDEO] Identifying Security Vulnerabilities In Your Organisation

Do you have security vulnerabilities in your organisation? Today in the Evolve IT Lab, Ben and Lachie have a chat about identifying these security vulnerabilities in your organisation. When cybercriminals attack  your organisation, they attempt to identify a weakness in the environment. Once they find it, they execute their plan. Watch our video to find out more...

As a cybersecurity expert, Ben talks about how to identify the weakest link in their environment. Check out our tips below on the identifying the weakest link.

  • Conduct a penetration test (risk assessment test) which is one of the best ways to identify flaws in technology.
  • User awareness training is essential as it helps your users to identify the risk. Attacks are becoming much more sophisticated which calls for your users to become more aware of the threat landscape.

  • Cyber-attacks can seasonal also, meaning that users must continue to be taught new awareness training techniques as different seasons approach or as technology evolves over time.

  • Rewards should be given to employees who identify security risks, this creates a strong culture of empowerment among the employees and set the standard against cybersecurity.

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