[VIDEO] How To Tell If Your Bank Cards Have Been Breached?

Today in the Evolve IT lab Lachie and Ben dive into a conversation about bank cards and how secure they are. In the video, the two discuss how you can tell if your bank card has been breached.

Some key points covered throughout this video include…

Mostly in the U.S, there is a constant trend of bank and credit card breaches. Ben discusses that the reason for this is that they use an outdated system called a magstripe, which Australia and New Zealand haven’t used since the early 90’s. Australia and New Zealand have had much fewer breaches because we have evolved with the times and created new systems such as PayPass, chip and pin which are much more secure.

Even though many people believe that PayPass is unsafe Lachie and Ben explain the security of PayPass, how it is much more secure than other systems before it and the ability of if any security breach occurs with PayPass then it is generally very minimal.

Ben, a cybersecurity expert, gives PayPal is the most secure option when purchasing consumer goods online.

Ben warns you should always be careful with smaller organisations as they are more likely to have older security systems in place, especially if they don’t have PayPal as a payment option.

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