[VIDEO] How to identify scammers

Today in the Evolve IT lab Lachie and Ben discuss how to identify scammers, what to do if you are contacted by one and how does scamming occur?

Scammers are generally pretty crafty people that try to scam either people individually or organisations as a whole. Ben as a CyberSecuritry expert has seen many cases like this and has the following tips to share. 

  • Scammers generally approach and contact people that are not tech savvy and have no expertise in IT whatsoever. They will then generally call you and make up stories that you could potentially have a virus, the scammer's goal is to gain your trust which will then lead to you handing over credit card details or giving them access to your computer. This is when Malware and Ransomware can be installed in your computer. 
  • Ben also states that it's very unlikely for a large company such as Microsoft to call you individually. They have a large customer base and never waste time doing these calls... go with your gut, if you think it's a scam it probably is! 
  • Lachie then provides a great tip process for if you are unsure which is as follows: 
    • Ask them what their business name is and their number and say you will call back. 
    • Google the company and get the number from there. 
    • Call that number and ask to speak to who you were recently contacted by. 
  • Ben even thinks if you not interested don't bother calling back. 

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