[VIDEO] How To Educate Your Board On Cybersecurity

Today in the Evolve IT Lab, Lachie and Ben Discuss educating your board on cybersecurity and explaining why it is essential to your business. These conversations need to go forth to the board because generally any enhancements or updates that you wish to make in your cybersecurity need to be approved by the board beforehand.

Ben explains that cybersecurity attacks on your business are generally opportunistic. Don't go to your board and say we need to bolster our cybersecurity defences against the Russians and North Korean's. Why? Because 9 times out of 10 they will not accept your proposal. This is because they will assume that no one would ever want to hack a Small Business in Australia and state "that would never happen to our company".

Lachie also puts to Ben the importance of knowing the worth of  your data. If you can place a monetary value on your data once you put some cybersecurity defences to them and say "we could lose this much money" this can and will catch their attention straight away. Even if your company is not-for-profit because no organisation can afford to lose money.

To summarise Lachie and Ben conclude that:

  1. Its essential to get some statistics. 
  2. We make sure that we go in thinking that we can prevent an attack. 
  3. Know what your data is worth.
  4. Put it to the board and instantly being to protect your organisation

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