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Today we sit down with Matt Billiet in the Evolve IT Lab and discuss ransomware, and it affects on today's modern workplace. Matt tells us about how Evolve IT have partnered with their friends from Sophos to create Evolve IT's Next-gen End Point Protection, a service designed to reduce the risk of a cyberattack on organisations.

We discuss how the backup and antivirus are not enough anymore we need to stop the initial infection.

Lachie: Good day, guys. Welcome to Evolve IT Labs. My name is Lachie Dixon, and today we've got a real treat for you. We got Matthew Billiet, who looks after our IT security here at Evolve. And he's gonna be talking a little bit about ransomware and a new product he's been working pretty hard on. So Matt, why don't you tell us a little bit about ransomware first?

Matthew: That's right, Lachie. Ransomware is obviously a top concern for a lot of our clients, and understandably so. Ransom costs are continually rising, and the attacks themselves are becoming ever more sophisticated. So with that in mind, Evolve thought we'd design a new product specifically for protecting our clients agaist ransomware.

Lachie: Yeah, right. So, a little bit more about ransomware. We've seen the things like Bitcoin that go completely through the roof. It went up, like, $1000 in a week, I think.

Matthew: Yeah, or nearly doubled.

Lachie: Yeah, so it's getting pretty crazy. And you saw the criminals obviously are making a lot of money out of it. Talk to me a little bit about, like, antivirus and backup solutions and things like that. What are the things people can do today to sort of get protected?

Matthew: You're right. Antivirus is important. Unfortunately, because of the nature of a lot of the attacks that ransomware utilize, it does often miss the point and results in infections. Because of that, a backup implementation is crucial to ensuring your data's protected. But at the end of the day, the primary focus should be on preventing that initial infection.

Lachie: Okay, great. Obviously, you've all been working really hard on a new product. Can you tell the audience about that?

Matthew: That's right. There's a new product that I'd like to introduce to you. It's Evolve's next-gen endpoint protection, and this is something that we've been able to develop through our partnership with Sophos, bringing advanced machine learning with industry-leading detection to laptops, workstations, and services.

Lachie: Yeah, cool. So what's involved? Can you tell us a little bit about what's involved in your product?

Matthew: It's a number of different applications, which target different aspects of how ransomware infects the system and then goes on to encrypt files and spread throughout a network. And by targeting the different aspects of how ransomware works, we hope that we can stop it before it creates an issue in the network.

Lachie: Great, so like, prevention before cure.

Matthew: Correct.

Lachie: Yeah, awesome. That's great. So if they want to learn a little bit more about the product, do you have a little bit more information, or who can they contact?

Matthew: If you're interested in learning more, the product is available through Evolve IT. By all means, get in touch, and we can give you a demonstration and run through some details and go from there.

Lachie: Great. I'm looking forward to creating a few more videos with you, Matt. I know that there's a lot of interest around self-security, and we really need to educate and help people learn about the topics. So, looking forward to that a little bit.

Matthew: Sounds good.

Lachie: For now, see you next time.

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