Top 5 Security Trends To Stay Ahead Of The Curve

For far too long IT security had been a second thought for business’ in the small to medium market space. The ‘we are too small for hackers to worry about’ attitude has been a common misconception over the years. Although most business owners rate IT security as important, when it comes to investing, it has often been difficult for business owners to justify the cost. However, with the recent rise of Ransomware, the Cyber Criminals have made a way monetise their cybercrime, and they do not discriminate. With many small-medium businesses experiencing the effects of Ransomware first hand, it is now far easier for business owners to assign a money value to the effects of a security breach. This, amongst other things, now has IT security high on the agenda for many businesses.

To help ensure our clients are ahead of the curve, Evolve IT continues to have a heavy focus in the IT security space. We recently travelled to the ‘Sophos Discover’ partner conference in Bangkok to learn about all of the latest IT security trends. Here are the top 5 things we took away:


1: Synchronised Security – A way of the future

The main idea discussed at Sophos Discover 2017 is the idea of ‘Next-Gen’ IT Security. A key part of this is the concept of ‘Synchronised Security’. Broadly, the concept of ‘Synchronised Security’ involves Sophos products being able to cover all areas of IT security, from the end point (workstation/laptop/tablet/smartphone) all the way to the internet entry/exit point (firewall), and everything in between. The Sophos suite of products all integrate to ensure the highest level of protection from end to end. The key components of this concept are as follows:

  • Sophos End Point Security (AntiVirus/AntiMalware for workstations)
  • Sophos Server Security (AntiVirus/AntiMalware for servers)
  • Intercept X (AntiRansomware)
  • SafeGuard (Data Encryption)
  • Mobile Security (Mobile Device Management)
  • Email Security (Spam Filtering, AntiVirus/AntiMalware for email)
  • Web Security (Web Filtering, AntiVirus/AntiMalware for web browsing)
  • Wireless Security (WiFi Network Access and Security)
  • Firewall Security (Network gateway security)

For more information on synchronised security see this link.

2: WannaCry – Ransomware prevention and remediation

Late in 2016, Sophos release a product called Intercept X, which was specifically designed to prevent and remediate Ransomware through new techniques such as machine-based learning. Since its release, Intercept X has been very popular with sales exceeding expectations. With the heavily publicised ‘WannaCry’ outbreak hitting businesses all the world recently, Intercept X was put to its biggest stress test yet.

Sophos were very proud to report that Intercept X passed the ‘WannaCry’ stress test with flying colours. In all reported cases where Intercept X was running on the customer endpoint, it was able to stop or remediate the effects of ‘WannaCry’ with zero data loss to the businesses effected.

This was an important result, not only for Sophos, but for IT Security Administrators around the world to consolidate their confidence in the product, and justify investments in this area.


For many small-medium businesses, affordability is a factor when considering all their IT needs, including IT security. Traditionally, investing in IT required managers to forecast IT spend over a 3-4 year ‘IT life-cycle’ period, and often involved a large up-front capital investment. With the emergence of cloud technologies, we have found a strong trend towards a focus on predictable monthly spend, which gives managers the ability to more easily and accurately calculate their IT budgets.

Sophos have continued to develop their MSP (Managed Service Provider) programs to make it easy for partners like Evolve IT to offer month to month billing to their clients, and thereby giving us the flexibility to cater for the needs of all our clients.

4: Sophos – leading their way

Through a combination of acquisition and innovation, Sophos are proud to place themselves as market leaders in the IT security space. Their motto is ‘Security made simple’ is an idea which is backed by their ‘Synchronised Security’ suite of products. This was best outlined in the most recent report published by ‘Gartner’, an industry recognised market research company who compare vendors against their competitors. The report labelled Sophos as the only IT Security vendor ranked as a leader and visionary in End-Point Security and Network Security (Firewall), which confirmed their status of one of the only vendors to offer complete ‘end-to-end’ protection to their customers.

Extending on the notion of ‘Security made simple’, Sophos has also developed their cloud-based management platform ‘Sophos Central’ to include management capabilities for the majority of their products. This gives IT administrators the ability to manage security products anytime, anywhere.

5: Complacency is the enemy

With cyber criminals developing new ways to access your data every minute of the day, it is important to always ensure your protection is up to date. It is easy to become complacent, but it is important that IT security is one of the focus areas when considering your IT needs. Evolve IT, along with partners such as Sophos, are continually striving to be up to date with the latest security technologies.


The war on cybercrime is a continuous battle, so if you haven’t had a security discussion with your IT partner recently, don’t delay!

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Posted by Matt Flack

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