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No matter who you are chances are in some form you have a customer or a client. At Inbound 2017 we had the opportunity to chat to one of our friends and partners, Brad Benner, founder of SmileBack. 

SmileBack is a client experience platform that lets you actively engage with your clients, listen to their feedback, and use those insights to make sure you're consistently providing smile-worthy service.

During the chat Brad was able to provide us with three things you can do today that will improve client satisfaction.

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Check out what Brad had to say:


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Showing up + Being kind + Actively listening = :-)


Lachie Dixon: G'day, guys. We're coming to you live from Inbound 2017. As we all know, Evolve IT is all about providing value and satisfaction to our clients, and today we've got a real treat for ya. We've got Brad Benner here from SmileBack. 

Brad Benner: Yeah. It's really a delight to run into you here. 

Lachie Dixon Yeah, it's nice. It's good. Good show. How have you found Inbound so far?

Brad Benner: It's great. I'm amazed by the production here. I was thinking, "Why can't every conference be like this"? It's really...just look at this.

Lachie Dixon: It's pretty special. 

Brad Benner: Yeah. It's amazing. 

Lachie Dixon: Let's hear about SmileBack. For our clients, obviously, you'd know about SmileBack, It's the three smiley faces that you see whenever we close a ticket.  Brad, why don't you tell us a little bit about it?

Brad Benner: Yeah, I started this company two years ago because when I was running my MSP in Seattle, I found it really difficult to get feedback from our customers. And we were a small team, and, like, it was my company. I was really invested in the relationships that I built with these customers, and once in a while we would lose a customer. And it felt like a kick to the stomach when I would go into these meetings and find out that we weren't gonna be working together any further and it was like, "Gosh, we could've prevented this. And if we'd just known..." So I started thinking and looking at that problem and dissecting it, and I was like, "Okay, well the problem is if we weren't getting early indicators of frustration. Like we weren't hearing early on when there was these little micro-tensions or these frustrations that we could've actually been solving." And then, of course, those built over time to lead to an outcome, right? And it's totally preventable. 

Lachie Dixon: Well, everyone's got a customer, and I suppose that's where I reckon you can provide some of our clients a bit of value here.  What's three ways we can look to satisfy or add more value to our clients? Like, what do you think we could possibly do for our clients?

Brad Benner: Yeah, so my philosophy on this is actually my same philosophy in my personal life, which's all about showing up, being kind, and actively listening

Lachie Dixon: Awesome. 

Brad Benner: So showing, there's that sort of version of life where you're kinda there but not really participating, and you're just going through the motions. That's not showing up. Showing up is like I'm here with you. Like I'm in it right here with you right now. And it may be awkward, itt may be difficult, but I'm there and I'm, you know, present. 

Lachie Dixon: Yeah, that's it.. And that's all...yeah, absolutely.

Brad Benner: Being kind is about compassion. It's about seeing the world from the other person's perspective, right? It's about being willing to feel what they're feeling. So there's an empathy component to it as well. 

Lachie Dixon: That's a big part, yeah. Definitely being kind, like, that's about being human, isn't it? Just, respect. 

Brad Benner: And listening, like, you know, god, there's so much talking, right? And I feel so many people say after when the look back and realize, "Gosh, I wish I'd listened more." Well, we have an opportunity to do it every day, right?

Lachie Dixon: Well, listening is the most critical part of communication, isn't it? So yeah, you need to listen. There we go, guys. That's three tips. Just wanna repeat 'em one more time for us?

Brad Benner: So showing up, being kind, and actively listening. 

Lachie Dixon: Brilliant. All right, thanks, guys. Thanks, Brad. 

Brad Benner: Thanks. Great to see you here. 

Lachie Dixon: See you next time. 

Brad Benner: Take care. 

Lachie Dixon: Thanks, man.


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