The link between being customer centric and IT revenue

Evolve IT was invited to speak at the Synnex Alliance 2017 in a panel discussion on the importance of customer centricity, changing customer profiles and the meaning of digital transformation.

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Aside from flying cars, most 1980s sci-fi films hit an ace foreshadowing civilization today. We can now communicate in real time across borders, shop from home using virtual reality and pay for our coffee with a flick of the wrist. Each technological advancement has disrupted the way we function as a society and given rise to new buzzwords such as digital disruption, big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning… the list goes on.

Together with panel moderator James Henderson, our Managing Director Nick Moran discussed the impact of digital transformation on the way businesses do business by exploring how, and who within an organisation must respond.

Technological innovation brings heightened levels of customer convenience and increases customer purchasing power. To remain competitive in today’s dynamic environment, businesses must effectively rethink their digital transformation strategy by staying ahead of tech, rather than accepting it as it comes. IT is no longer an internal support service nor a cost centre. A competitive digital transformation strategy is dynamic and flexible, it should improve customer experience and ultimately maximise organisational performance.

Board executives should accordingly spotlight their business IT strategy to accelerate growth. ARN Edge 2017 estimated that 60% of a business’s technology decisions are now made by leaders outside of the I.T. division. As emphasised by Nick Moran during the discussion, IT strategy is now a concern for the entire c-suite and leaders must take an outside-in approach: “Evolve IT flips the script – it’s all about customer experience and engagement.”

To accomplish this, Nick emphasises the importance of specialisation on a vertical level, “you need to immerse yourself in the organisation, understand their processes, live their sector, understand the risks that occur and what their challenges are.”

Read our blog: 3 key ways data insights can generate results for your NFP


Evolve IT specialises in customer-centric IT strategies that can help you succeed on today’s dynamic technological environment.

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Posted by Sophia Lin

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