Why NFPs Should Consider Outsourcing Technology Services

Have you ever wondered what it would be like outsourcing your technology services? Is the grass really greener or does it present more challenges? ‘How do I go about it?’ and ‘will it work for my business?’ are common questions that’s often difficult to know if you have never experienced the process. While outsourcing may be daunting, here is what you should look for in a IT partner, and why it’s a great idea that should be at the top of your to-do list.   


 Not for Profit / technology discounts

We are in a technology boom period that is seeing new start-ups, apps and technology created and released at an alarming rate. Many of these products are discounted or donated to Not for Profits and many do not heavily promote this.
A good ICT Partner works with many vendors and is fully aware of the discounts you can achieve. This not only ensures your business keeps up with the latest trends, but also the best practice technology to provide your business and staff with better tools for improved productivity. This might then allow you to finally upgrade those 5-year-old workstations that are really hampering productivity!

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Focus on the bigger picture

How many times have you really wanted to dedicate time to bigger picture strategy and had to put your fire fighters hat on to fix an urgent problem such as server or service down?  Outsourcing part or all of your ICT will free up your time (and stress) from the day to day and empower you to focus on continuous improvement and ICT direction and strategy.

Lowering operational costs and improved service delivery 

True to Murphy’s Law, it most often seems that the server goes down when your ICT expert is away and needed the most. A managed services partner will have an entire team of professionals committed to providing the backup and skills required to be there for you at any time and most will have 24/7 capabilities.  Due to their scale, they are able to deploy tasks at a lower cost and have specialized equipment and knowledge. We all know the costs of hiring and employing. Providing valuable training is ongoing, continually accumulating overtime and retaining staff is challenging in today’s war for talent. Outsourcing your IT services will free up financial and human resources which can be committed to achieving broader business objectives.

Reducing risk

Have you ever been caught up in great marketing hyping up a product or technology that often does not do all that its promised or has “add-ons” that continues to increase cost? These products generally claim to perform critical functions in your business such as data backup or providing a service that staff rely on. The reality is businesses are contextual, each with individualized strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities.

Managed service providers have real world experience in implementing and supporting many products and technologies for a wide range of business and will know what will and won’t work in your business.

Gaining instant knowledge and expertise

ICT is perpetually changing and moving in different directions making upskilling and knowledge sharing an issue for internal staff. Most technology leaders have frequent and major product upgrades that, with poor change management, are often not appropriately implemented or integrated for months.   

A managed service provider has a collective of ICT professionals that are experienced and specialize in ICT change management. A good IT provider is committed to regular site visits for diagnosis and training, runs webinars and is a thought leader. Read our blog here to find out more about IT change management best practices.

The importance of choosing the right partner

It’s a no brainer that finding the right ICT partner is critical in ensuring outsourcing works for your business, but how do you go about this and what should you look for?

The perfect ICT partner should fit your business and sector and specialise in your industry. It’s no good working with someone who specializes in enterprise when you have 100 seats, or outsourcing to an entity who specializes in manufacturing when you are a service provider. Source a partner that is invested in your organization’s objectives and aligns their service delivery to match your business goals. An effective managed services partner should have multiple contact avenues and levels of IT problem escalation. To get the most out of your partner, embrace them as part of your team and connected them to your business and your staff.

How Evolve IT Can Help?

We take great pride in partnering with not-for-profit (NFP), health and community organisations. Our team specialises in developing customised solutions to help you get the most out of your technology.

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