[Video] - Why education is so important in the fight against cybercrime

Today in the Evolve IT Lab - Lachie and Jason discuss education on cybersecurity. We answer why is it so essential for all organisations and how you can get started today.

25 January, 2018

Cyber Security Compliance: Australia’s new data-breach law

Last year saw the passage of the Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Act 2017 which established the Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) Scheme – introducing for the first time government guidelines and requirements for cyber security compliance when handling..

23 January, 2018

Cybersecurity vulnerabilities and threats – the new monsters under the bed

As a child, were you ever afraid of monsters? Usually – in your mind at least - lurking in a dark closet, or under the bed, waiting to snatch at any ankles foolishly dangled over the side.

16 January, 2018

What is the Average Cost of a Ransomware Attack?

Ransomware is a form of malware which infects your computer and encrypts all accessible files, rendering them unusable. The malware can also spread rapidly through a network, infecting many computers in a short amount of time, each demanding a separate ransom.

09 January, 2018

Why your IT Support has their hands full with cybercrime

Your IT support has their hands full with cybercrime because of three key things
  1. People (the non-IT people within the business)
  2. Vulnerabilities in hardware and software
  3. The type of person that provides good traditional IT support
02 January, 2018

Types of phishing techniques that cybercriminals use to target you

Phishing is a technique used to obtain personal information from people, usually for financial gain or other criminal activities.  Years ago, malicious activity such as viruses and hacking were more often motivated by testing hacking ability or creating anarchy in..

26 December, 2017

[Video] Prepare for your break with these three tips

Today in the Evolve IT Lab - Lachie and Jason sit down and discuss how you can prepare to go on your much-needed break. Check out their three tips here - 

23 December, 2017

What is Bitcoin? Your Guide to Cryptocurrency

Another day, another professional expressing regret on how he or she could have been a millionaire by now had they invested in Bitcoin 7 years ago. Another swipe, another share on how Bitcoin’s value ascends to $10,000. If you have little to no knowledge about..

19 December, 2017

[Video] Three Tips To Successfully On-board New Staff

This week in the Evolve IT Lab we sit down with our Service Desk Team Leader - Jason Thomas, and discuss on-boarding new staff within your organisation. Along with your internal policys and procedures these three tips will help you successfully onboard any new team..

14 December, 2017

Discover How Technology Can Bring About Your Business Transformation

The future of technology is unknown and is likely to place demands on your business which will challenge your organisation to adapt. As your business grows and expands the use of technology is a reliable and efficient resource that you can take advantage of. A..
12 December, 2017

Digital predictions: the evolution of technology in the workplace

As digital technologies continue to evolve rapidly, and workplace demographics change with the tides of each generation, we are increasingly exposed to this concept of a “Digital Workspace”. While it is not easily definable, it is an important idea to conceptualise..
05 December, 2017

[Video] Introduction to Evolve IT's Next-gen Endpoint Protection

Today we sit down with Matt Billiet in the Evolve IT Lab and discuss ransomware, and it affects on today's modern workplace. Matt tells us about how Evolve IT have partnered with their friends from Sophos to create Evolve IT's Next-gen End Point Protection, a..

30 November, 2017

Benefits of video for internal communications

I’ve said this many times before both personally and professionally. Content is King, especially Video.

Video can simply take complex messages, record key moments and deliver training in your workforce. The possibilities are endless. This makes the benefit of video..

28 November, 2017

[Video] Introduction to Microsoft To-Do | Evolve IT Lab

  Today we sit down with Matt Robertson and discuss some of the key features in Microsoft To-Do. Microsoft To-Do is a productivity tool in your Microsoft 365 subscription that makes it easy to get stuff done, every day. 
23 November, 2017

Why a digital workplace is worth the investment

Before making a move to a Digital Workplace, you probably want to understand what a Digital Workplace is and what benefit will it have for my organisation.There are a number of explanations available, and a quick Google search will bring up many descriptions. An..

21 November, 2017

How To Survive An Internet Outage | Evolve IT Lab [Video]

Today we rely on the internet for pretty much everything - but what happens when it goes down? Lachie and Jason sit down in the Evolve IT Lab and discuss three tips to survive an internet outage.

16 November, 2017

Are your technology tools about User and Customer Experience?

If you’re anything like me, you have too many things to do and not enough time to do them in! Naturally, as someone who works in the tech space – turning to technology tools to deliver outcomes with little time is the best option that I know!A significant part of..

14 November, 2017

Introduction to Microsoft Teams | Evolve IT Lab [Video]

09 November, 2017

5 workplace productivity tools that your employees will thank you for

I find working at Evolve IT Australia both interesting and enjoyable. In the vast universe of technology, we find ourselves in the middle of combining our efforts with time-saving tools that allow us to be more efficient in satisfying our clients’ needs. From the..
07 November, 2017

How To prevent data loss | Evolve IT Lab [Video]


02 November, 2017

How to set up a mobile office

In today’s modern world there is a lot more to think about when planning how to set up a mobile office than just having a laptop, mobile phone and being able to “VPN in”. As we enter an age of mobility, it is important to have a strong grasp on what is required to..

31 October, 2017

Three ways you can improve client satisfaction | Evolve IT Lab [Video]

No matter who you are chances are in some form you have a customer or a client. At Inbound 2017 we had the opportunity to chat to one of our friends and partners, Brad Benner, founder of SmileBack. 

SmileBack is a client experience platform that lets you actively..

26 October, 2017

Here's how we do customer experience at Evolve IT

When posed with a question such as "What makes a good customer service experience", we need to look at something called "the human element". Having this people perspective is often neglected in today's hectic and fast-paced world.

24 October, 2017

Why NFPs Should Consider Outsourcing Technology Services

Have you ever wondered what it would be like outsourcing your technology services? Is the grass really greener or does it present more challenges? ‘How do I go about it?’ and ‘will it work for my business?’ are common questions that’s often difficult to know if you..

17 October, 2017

The top five IT change management tips for non-profits

Regular change is inevitable in the ever-evolving environment of ICT. Whether it be upgrades to existing infrastructure, or the introduction of new innovative business solutions, the process will involve change, which will need to be carefully managed with your..

10 October, 2017

How NFPs can maximise utility of their Office 365 Nonprofit E1 Plan

Microsoft’s Office 365 Nonprofit E1 Plan is perfect for organisations in the nonprofit, health and community sectors. Office 365 encourages nonprofit members to become digital nomads as staff can work remotely and are still able to collaborate with their team..

03 October, 2017

The state of non-profit innovation

Evolve IT recently came across a thought provoking report that sheds light on the exciting changes occurring on the non-profit innovation front. While non-profits have traditionally lagged in the technology space, Give Easy found that the non-profit sector’s..

26 September, 2017

Risk management in nonprofit organizations

The benefits of modern IT are commonly spruiked. Less often discussed however, are the potential risks. As important as maintaining current infrastructure and adopting modern technology, identifying these risks and planning for a worst-case scenario is the key to..

19 September, 2017

How the not for profit technology landscape is changing

Decreased not for profit sector funding and engagement has brought forth an industry-wide tech revolution. NFP technology strategies now focus on building advocacy, staff efficiency and improved impact measurement. This revolution is in stark contrast to traditional..

12 September, 2017

Achieve enhanced SROI with a winning not for profit technology strategy

A key issue facing non for profits is how to continually maximise social impact for every dollar of investment. A winning not for profit technology strategy achieves enhanced social return on investment by supporting a range of technology solutions that encourage..

05 September, 2017

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