Cloud Computing Scalability Benefits For Not-For-Profits

Why scalability is important for NFPs

Running an organisation in the not-for-profit (NFP), charity, health or community sector is not easy. Due to funding and different programs you run, you may have volunteers or contractors coming in and out of your business..

12 July, 2017

How Apple Achieved A Decade Of iPhone Domination

Last week Apple celebrated ten years since it first launched the iPhone. I remember the day it was launched like yesterday; the world was excited – every news program was talking about it, and even in the country town of Hamilton, Victoria tech gurus were..

05 July, 2017

5 Cyber Security Awareness Tips For A CFO

Why do CFOs have to have cyber security awareness?:

Cybercrime organisations make a pretty good living out of sending targeted emails to personal and business email accounts. If you are an individual who holds a finance position or has access to company..

29 June, 2017

What We Know So Far: PetrWrap Ransomware Outbreak

petya/PetrWrap Ransomware uncovered

A new ruthless malware has plagued across the world overnight named PetrWrap a variant of the Petya virus. The virus is similar to WannaCry in the way it attacks the Windows Server Message Block (SMB) service, which is used to..

28 June, 2017

Top 5 Security Trends To Stay Ahead Of The Curve

For far too long IT security had been a second thought for business’ in the small to medium market space. The ‘we are too small for hackers to worry about’ attitude has been a common misconception over the years. Although most business owners rate IT security as..

21 June, 2017

5 Ways To Take Back Time

Time is so limited in todays world, it seems that we never have enough of it. Our lives are so “on demand” that we can hardly find time for the more important things like family. To give us all a little more time, we’ve come up with five ways to take back control..
14 June, 2017

Improve Your Productivity With These Windows 10 Hacks

Windows 10 is packed full of hidden features and hacks that can improve productivity and make your work day a lot less stressful. We have come up with five tips to help you automate your workspace.
07 June, 2017

A CryptoLocker That Will Make You WannaCry

It’s a Crytolocker variant that is catching any unprepared victims off guard. Hitting the unsuspecting victims where is hurts most, your data. WannaCry is just that, a ransomware that will make you want-to-cry

26 May, 2017

All You Need To Know About WannaCry Ransomware Outbreak

Over the weekend, a massive global Ransomware attack became quite public news, hitting many large organisations. One of the most concerning was the British National Health Service (NHS) which crippled the ability to provide care to patients.

15 May, 2017

Evolve IT Awarded A Finalist At The NFP Technology Awards

It was a humbling experience for Evolve IT to be awarded their first Connecting Up Not-For-Profit (NFP) Technology Award. Not every day do you get acknowledged for “Using Technology to Connect to the Community | Best Small to Medium Enterprise” especially on Star..

12 May, 2017

Handle Office Conflict Like A Boss

Office conflict, in my opinion, has a bad reputation of having an adverse impact on company culture. Granted if your employees start getting personal, physical or start talking about nuclear weapons the conflict has probably gone too far.

20 April, 2017

Healthy and Happy | 5 Tips For A Healthy Work Environment

A healthy work environment is just as valuable as a healthy paycheck. We now have more to do in less amount of time due to the progression of technology and human expectation. Chances are you spend the majority of your day sitting down at your desk, and we now..

14 March, 2017

Who Has Two Thumbs And A Stand-Up Desk "This Guy"

Who Has Two Thumbs And A Stand-Up Desk - "This Guy"


10 March, 2017

HELP! Its Raining! Is My Cloud Going To Be OK?


03 March, 2017

4 Ways to Increase Your Laptop Battery Life and Charge


23 February, 2017

5 Ways NFPs And NGOs Are Changing The Way They Raise Money

Fundraising is a critical part of a non-for profit (NFP) and non-government organizations (NGO) daily life. Traditionally, a lot of this fundraising was done offline. However, as with a lot of things the times are changing. NFP’s and NGO’s are currently turning to..

09 February, 2017

5 Tips for selecting the perfect end user device

It’s not that long ago that your computer was the size of your car and computer viruses had to be physically installed. Nowadays you can have a functioning business computer the size of a thumb drive and cybercrime is part of everyday life.

02 February, 2017

If your IT company isn't trying to reduce your costs, tell em to get stuffed

Well I’m sure to once again upset a few people in the industry over this post but why not keep up the trend.  ;-)

05 December, 2016

How cloud computing differs from traditional solutions

The term ‘cloud computing’ comes up a lot these days when discussing IT solutions, and with the potential benefits associated it’s not too hard to understand why. What can be harder to understand, especially to those not in the IT industry, is exactly what cloud..

22 November, 2016

Bogans, burgers and smashing the status quo

Headed down with the family to our caravan in a very nice park called Kangerong in the peninsula suburb of Dromana over the Melbourne Cup weekend.  Even with all the best intentions, this is something we certainly don’t do enough due to kids sport, kids parties –..

18 November, 2016

4 tips to recognise a scam or hoax email

As covered in our last blog post 3 ways to protect against ransomware, one of the most common methods for distributing ransomware is through illegitimate emails. While spam filtering will prevent most malicious emails from being delivered, it’s inevitable that..

18 October, 2016

3 ways to protect against ransomware

Ask anyone who works in IT what malware they consider to be the most likely to bring a company to standstill and you can pretty safely assume their answer will be ransomware. Although not a totally new concept, ransomware has become a major threat over the past..

26 September, 2016

Evolve IT a finalist in the 2016 ARN ICT Industry Awards

Evolve IT Australia (Evolve IT), a managed IT services company specialising in ICT solutions for mid-market businesses, announced that they have reached the finalist stage of the 2016 ARN ICT Industry Awards in the Mid-Market Partner category. After making a..

13 September, 2016

Focus on what matters with new features for Outlook and Office 365

We’ve all been there - whether you’ve arrived early only to find out the meeting was cancelled yesterday, or missed an opportunity while sifting through countless newsletters, if you use email on a regular basis you’ve undoubtedly wished at some point that it was..

06 September, 2016

Microsoft Azure RMS: Stop company emails getting into the wrong hands

Since its inception in the 1960s email has, slowly but surely, become ingrained in our everyday lives - both at home and in the office. Unfortunately, as with any medium designed to share information, the risk of that information getting into the wrong hands is a..

24 August, 2016

The ConnectWise Foundation @ IT Nation

Evolve IT's General Manager Alex Yon volunteers with the ConnectWise Foundation while in the US for IT Nation.

18 November, 2015

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