[VIDEO] Nonprofits Guide To Cybersecurity

Today in the Evolve IT Lab, Lachie and Ben discuss a nonprofits guide to cybersecurity. What risks are your nonprofit exposed to and how can you protect it? Watch on here where we touch on a few of these risks.

22 June, 2018

Four Important Trends In Modern Work Environments

Workplaces are constantly evolving with advances in technology and changes in the way that businesses are being conducted. As we run into the second half of 2018, here are four top trends that are being deemed highly important in modern working environments.

19 June, 2018

How You Can Shape Business Growth With Technology

We live in an age where there is no escape from technology, no matter what business you’re involved in. Even the most offline, land-based business will have a requirement for technology in some way, shape or form, be it through a point-of-sale system or their..

12 June, 2018

[VIDEO] How AI Has Impacted Cybersecurity

Today in the Evolve IT Lab, Ben and Lachie discuss how artificial intelligence has impacted the cybersecurity world. In this video you will see how AI is giving the good guys the advantage.

07 June, 2018

Top Five Internal Barriers To Workplace Communication

We all know that communication is key when it comes to a properly-functioning workplace. Without effective communication, there is no collaboration or engagement, without collaboration between engaged employees, things start to fall apart.

06 June, 2018

Ditching The Traditional Meeting Room For Microsoft Teams

We’ve all been called into meetings where no agenda has been set. The equipment in the meeting room doesn’t work, people are late, and a lot of banter gets thrown around before any productive use of time has been made.

29 May, 2018

Why Flexible Working Arrangements Make Employees More Productive

The digital age has brought about substantial shifts in the way we work. Typical 8 to 5 office jobs are being disrupted in favour of more flexible telecommute roles and remote positions.

22 May, 2018

[VIDEO] Introduction To Identity Management

Today in the Evolve IT, Lachie and Ben discuss Identity Management.  How secure is your business identity? watch on here.

17 May, 2018

[VIDEO] Why Secure Passwords Are Important

Today in the Evolve IT Lab, Lachie and Ben discuss secure username and  passwords. We often find that users want to use simple passwords like their first name, last name or their date of birth. 

11 May, 2018

8 Best Daily Routines of Highly Productive People to Drive Success

Let’s take a look at some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs day to day routines. By implementing some of these tips into your daily routine, you can become more productive too.

09 May, 2018

[VIDEO] What Is More Secure MAC V Windows

Today in the Evolve IT Lab Lachie and Ben answer the question what is more secure MAC or Windows? MACs are often thought as being more secure than windows. However, this is not always the case.

03 May, 2018

The limitations imposed by software-layer networking on Public Cloud

The benefits of public cloud services like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services are well known and frequently highlighted. And with good reason – public cloud offers extremely reliable, highly available and easily scalable architecture for IT infrastructure..

01 May, 2018

[VIDEO] - Securing Mobile Devices

Today in the Evolve IT Lab, Lachie and Ben discuss the risks of mobile devices in your workplace. Are your employees using their personal devices to connect to the corporate email or network? You may need to watch this video.

26 April, 2018

8 Microsoft Teams tips and tricks

Imagine the simplicity of Skype connecting you to anyone anywhere together with Facebook’s features that brings the farthest friend closer with one tap, all these accessible in one single application. Imagine the convenient Skype and the engaging Facebook working..

24 April, 2018

[VIDEO] The Hidden Security Risks Of the IoT

Today in the Evolve IT Lab, Ben and Lachie discuss the security risks of the  Internet of Things. Each organisation will find that they have 100's of IoT devices connected to their network. Although these devices help both company and user be more efficient, they..

20 April, 2018

How the cloud can help secure Nonprofits

Nonprofits have the responsibility to their staff, donors and the cause that they support to be a secure and compliant organization. Many government and private donors are now adopting minimum standards for nonprofit organisations, and if a nonprofit should fail to..

17 April, 2018

[VIDEO] Disposing Of Old Assets

Today in the Evolve IT Lab, Lachie and Ben tackle your storeroom full of old office equipment,. We explain the security risk of having filing cabinets, phones and old computer equipment gathering dust in your store room.

12 April, 2018

Why employee retention is essential to your business

Good employees are the most prominent asset an organisation can have, more important than any document, hardware or piece of software. Employees are who keep your customers and who help deliver a beneficial service. So how do you go about holding on to your best..

10 April, 2018

[VIDEO] Public WiFi Risks

Today in the Evolve IT Lab, Lachie and Ben discuss the risks of public WiFi. When travelling on holidays or for business Public WiFi can be a lifesaver, allowing you to connect back home and collaborate with your colleagues. However what are the risks and is the..

05 April, 2018

Why Nonprofits need to pay careful attention to cybersecurity

Nonprofit and community organisations need to pay careful attention to cybersecurity and compliance. Cybercriminals - and the threats that today come with them - are more sophisticated, damaging, and complex.

04 April, 2018

[VIDEO] What is Cryptojacking

Today in the Evolve IT Lab, Lachie and Ben talk about Cryptojacking. Now that cryptocurrency has become mainstream and a worldwide phenomenon, more people than ever are trying their luck on a coin. However, so are cybercriminals!

29 March, 2018

Why you should be getting a review from a security consultant

"Old mate Bill reckons we need a security consultant." 

So, you’re with old mate Bill, having a long overdue catch-up, chewing the fat, talking some shop. He launches into a story about how his company’s CFO got scammed for $50K by a cybercriminal posing as his..

27 March, 2018

[VIDEO] Cybersecurity Predictions of 2018

Today in the Evolve IT Lab, Lachie sits down with Ben from Sophos and discusses some of the cybersecurity predictions for 2018. In 2017 we had such a big year in cybersecurity with: increased phishing, identity theft, and ransomware.

22 March, 2018

5 Reasons You Need To Consider Multi-factor Authentication.

Moving to the cloud has transformed the way we work today - no longer are we restricted to a specific location to complete our day-to-day duties. However, it also means that your organisation is more vulnerable to malicious activities such as key-logging, phishing..

20 March, 2018

[VIDEO] Why Physical Security Is So Important

We consistently talk about how to protect your virtual data. However, sometimes we neglect to think our physical security, things like filing cabinets, paperwork on our desks and unwanted guests walking into our offices. Today in the Evolve IT Lab, Lachie and Ben..

15 March, 2018

The Importance Of A Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan

Disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) plans are often mistaken as the same thing. They are, however, two different but necessary plans that keep your business running in the event of an emergency.

13 March, 2018

Top 5 security policies to protect your business

There are three things that protect an organisation from cybercrime and data loss – education, products and services, and security policies. Without any  one of these, especially proactive security policies, you leave yourself vulnerable to getting a virus, or even..

06 March, 2018

[VIDEO] Introduction To Identity Theft {Part 3}

Today in the Evolve IT Lab,  we discuss the finalpart of our three-part series on identity theft. In today's episode, Lachie and Jason discuss some proactive measures you can take to help prevent your identity from being stolen. 

01 March, 2018

Botnets - A Cybercriminal’s best friend that fetches your computing power

Traditionally, humans have kept pets - like cats, dogs, and bees. However, Cybercriminals have a new type of pet to take care of - botnets. The interesting thing about these virtual creatures is that the Cybercriminal does not even have to feed them - their victims..

27 February, 2018

[VIDEO] Introduction To Identity Theft {Part 2}

Today in the Evolve IT Lab,  we discuss the second part of our three-part series on identity theft. In today's episode, Lachie and Jason discuss a real-life story of a CEO that was affected by identity theft, we hear about how a cybercriminal was able to take..

22 February, 2018

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