Looking to move to the cloud? Ask the not-for-profit cloud experts

As many NFPs operate on a lean budget and have limited IT resources, moving to the cloud can be an understandably difficult proposition.

However, when it comes to the cloud, the benefits clearly outweigh the difficulties and can actually help NFPs save time and money in the long-haul.

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Some of the benefits of moving to the cloud for NFPs include:


Perhaps most importantly, with a cloud-based ICT solution in place, your employees can share information and resources wherever they are – even if they are working from home. This reduces reliance on physical office space, which can mean less cost overheads on an ongoing basis. It also means your people can use their own devices – which again, saves on precious infrastructure costs.


Pay-per-month services

By moving your IT to the cloud, you can also significantly reduce your reliance on cumbersome, on-premise solutions and start to pay for your services by the month, as they are needed. This also means you can scale more effectively according to demand, rather than investing in a large solution that they may not need, and which may very quickly become outdated.



With a cloud-based ICT solution in place, you can also rely on more cost effective digital communication channels, and less on traditional print channels, which can be cumbersome and error prone.


Enhanced user experience

With a cloud-based solution in place, you can provide your supporters with very fast and accurate access to the information they need – meaning you are more likely to retain their support over time. You can also communicate digitally, targeting the right people at the right times to deliver maximum impact.


Community education

Today, members of the community are far more likely to want to know how their money is spent and what impact it is having. Today, with a smart technology solution in place, the whole process can be automated. People can see where their support goes, and can feel good about how they have helped.



As the not-for-profit sector continues to grow, cloud-based infrastructure makes great sense as it makes you more agile and scalable. So as your workforce grows or shrinks, you can simply update your licensing accordingly.



When you put your data into a secure cloud environment, you have the peace of mind of knowing that your data is regularly backed up in a secure location.

How Evolve IT can help

Non-Profit Whitepaper

At Evolve IT, we specialise in helping charities, NFPs and health/community organisations to advance their businesses through quality ICT solutions. We focus on your specific needs and create customised solutions to suit.

Contact us on 1300 858 899 or visit www.evolveit.com.au to find out more.


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