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Today we sit down with Matt Robertson - Account Manager at Evolve IT Australia and discuss some of Microsoft Teams key features. Microsoft Teams is the chat-based collaboration tool in Office 365 that integrates all the people, content, and tools your team needs to be more engaged and productive. 

Lachie: G'day. Welcome to the Evolve IT Labs. My name is Lachie Dixon, I look after the customer experience here at Evolve, and, today, we've got Matthew Robertson, one of our account managers. So, Matt, today we're gonna be discussing Microsoft Teams, and it's value to some of our clients and us internally. What is it?

Matthew: Yeah thanks, Lachie. Look, Microsoft Teams is a part of the Office 365 family, and it's a real-time collaboration and communication tool that you can roll out to all your staff to use on a day to day basis. 

Lachie: Yeah, cool. So why would some of our clients...I know we use it internally religiously, but why would out clients wanna...

Matthew: Okay. 

Lachie: Or audience watching...

Matthew: Yeah, it really increases productivity. I don't know about you, but I spend hours sorting through emails.
Lachie: I hate emails.

Matthew: Yeah, I think we all do.

Lachie: Yeah.

Matthew: And, look, it really is a tool that helps remove the junk that you receive day to day, and allows you to communicate effectively to your groups. 

Lachie: Yeah, cool. I know that I use it to chat to my team all the time. It's brilliant, the chat feature and the calendar check

Matthew: Yeah. 

Lachie: What are some of the key features, within Microsoft Teams, that would be not only just sit there and gather dust, what are some of the tools that people could actually use? 
Matthew: Yeah, look, it combines a number of areas. It combines being able to group chat, instant message, video conference, file sharing, and really helps your departments be effective in communicating within each other. 

Lachie: Great. So, like, the group chat sort of replaces Skype for business that was traditionally was separate application now that they're all integrated within one app?

Matthew: That's right, yeah. Look, it's... Yeah, it helps keep everything in that one app...

Lachie: Yeah, cool. staff don't have to worry about going into five different applications to find what they're after.

Lachie: Yeah, nice. Awesome, all right. Well, that's some really good tips. So we got's a collaboration tool, and you can sort of use it for productivity, collaboration, and communication?

Matthew: Yeah. And really brings communication to the forefront [inaudible 00:02:23] 

Lachie: Awesome. How do people get access to it?
Matthew: Yeah, look, it's a part of the Office 365 family, so if you have a subscription currently it's inclusive. 

Lachie: Nice. 

Matthew: And if you need more information, then contact myself and we can discuss it further. 

Lachie: Yeah, great. Nice. All right, well thank you very much, guys, and see you next time. 

Matthew: Thank you. 



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