Innovative ways for NFPs to reduce employee turnover.

Not for profit organisations (NFPs) face an ongoing struggle with employee turnover and tenure.

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Employee turnover is disruptive to an organisation at all levels because of lost costs in recruitment, onboarding, and training. Furthermore, it disrupts the organisation’s culture, decreases employee confidence and can impact the stability of the organisation.

It’s important to retain the right people in non-profit organisations because of the important and challenging work they do. NFP organisations are usually working with aged care, homeless, people with disabilities, addictions etc. Further, financial remuneration can be constrained by limited funds thus promoting the need for non-monetary compensation and intrinsic reward.

So maybe it’s time to use some more modern and innovative ways to reduce employee turnover which will keep employee morale high and cut costs for the organisation.

This blog will discuss the innovative ways you can help retain employees that work in the challenging NFP context.

Flexible workplace

Commonly NFP organisations recruit casual employees which some believe means they can avoid additional work in keeping full-time employees happy. However, in the long run, this can lead to increased turnover, poor team collaboration, less-engaged staff and inconsistent quality of service.

Offering a flexible workplace provides the opportunity for work-life balance. Varied hours to suit the employees’ commitments and work from home days can increase employee satisfaction and well-being without decreasing productivity.


Many non-profit organisations have to work remotely to co-locate employees with service delivery venues, for example, aged care homes or service centres. There are IT programs you can implement in your organisation to support your employees where they work.

Offering a Cloud environment means files are accessible wherever an employee needs to be, this makes workplace flexibility easy. In addition, software, such as Microsoft Teams, will make collaborating within your organisation simple. MS Teams will increase communication no matter where your base is located and can also support remote meetings with ease. Get your free Microsoft Teams demo here... 

Being able to offer mobility to employees will also help attract new candidates during the recruitment stages as well as keep existing employees happy.

Human Resource Management Challenges

Many non-profit organisations do not have a Human Resource (HR)/People and Culture department to assist with HR issues. To assist with your people management, you can implement a product like Employment Hero. Employment Hero decreases much of the HR manual tasks your organisation faces. Increasing efficiency and eliminating the need for lots of paperwork, forms and spreadsheets! Templates policies and contracts, advisory services and a place to store all HR information will help with administrative efficiency and record keeping.

Employee Recognition

Rewards are always a great way to motivate employees. Implementing a peer recognition program to your organisation can increase employee self-esteem and improve the employees’ attitudes towards their workplace. Whilst doing so it will be a way to reinforce the organisation’s core values in an impactful way.

Using an innovative peer recognition program, such as provides a forum for the genuine expression of appreciation. empowers everyone in the organisation to recognise their peers and managers. This will build stronger teams and increase team engagement.

Measurable Goals

The best method to measure goals and recognise performance is to link organisational goals with individual employee KPIs. This will also help employees remain accountable and know they contribute to the bigger picture. By linking your organisation’s goals to KPI expectations of employees it sets accurate and transparent expectations of performance. Furthermore, it will keep the communication and focus open between an employee and their manager. Transparency within an organisation is always appreciated and builds trust between management and employees.

Consistent Feedback

It is important to receive feedback from employees to grow the organisation and keep up employee morale. Officevibe is an employee engagement software that will turn issues into conversations. Officevibe offers easy customised questions and simple method to creating reporting on your organisation’s ‘pain points’. Celebrating innovative ideas may bring a creative and more effective method of doing a task.

Officevibe has the ability for employees and peers to provide their feedback anonymously. This means management is more likely to get an honest opinion on how employees are feeling.

Providing employees with continuous feedback is also important for your employee’s growth and professional development. Employment Hero also has an option to create reviews. This platform is a place to give feedback to each employee on their performance. Also, it provides a great place to get started on goal setting and implementing a strategy on how to achieve goals.

Training and Development

Providing a pathway to develop your employees’ skills can increase employee satisfaction within the workplace. Career progression is a known issue for not-for-profit sector employees. Learning and development can outweigh the need for an increased salary as the employee gains a new skill, which in turn leads to career progression.

Begin implementing a training plan. First, find out what training is needed. Smileback is a customer/client feedback program that can help you assess your training gaps in the performance of employees.

There are opportunities to apply for free and discounted development opportunities for staff within the not-for-profit sector. Remember to always get the trained-up employee to reinforce their new skills once back in the workplace. Transferring knowledge will not only ingrain the training for the individual but will also educate others in the organisation. Software such as Microsoft Planner can help with team collaboration and planning. This is a platform for you to set tasks, make schedules and more. Great forum to plan ongoing training and knowledge sharing.

 What do you think not-for-profit organisations can do to reduce employee turnover? 

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Posted by Vikki Gill

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