How You Can Shape Business Growth With Technology

We live in an age where there is no escape from technology, no matter what business you’re involved in. Even the most offline, land-based business will have a requirement for technology in some way, shape or form, be it through a point-of-sale system or their marketing efforts.

While some businesses might not be using technology to their best advantage, the evidence is there to support the fact that using the right technology in the right ways pays off in shaping your business for the better.

Today’s Technology - Simple Solutions That Work

Disruptive technologies are changing the way that we live our lives. While assisting us in doing everyday things in a more convenient, user-friendly manner, advances in tech are also putting certain industries out of business. Take Uber as an example when compared to metered taxis. Uber has made the use of taxis far more affordable, convenient and safer, with their app-based, on-demand taxi ordering service. This has completely disrupted the taxi industry, forcing a lot of taxi drivers and businesses to adapt or die.

The same can be said for Airbnb and the property rental market. Property rental agents are being pummelled into submission by the ease of access and available options presented to users by Airbnb. No waiting for office hours to make an enquiry, no dealings through a middleman, plus you have the confidence of a tried and tested system that offers reviews and ratings that cannot be forged. Having an attitude of being adaptable through disruption is one way to weather the storms of change.

The DVD and CD industry experienced this disruption first-hand, and it’s spreading to any industry that can use a shake-up in the convenience and user-experience departments. Why use travel agents when you can read reviews and ratings on TripAdvisor and book through How does your business fare against potential disruption? Or are you the future disruptors?

Businesses Using Technology For Their Benefit (And Thus Ours)

Atlassian is one of Australia’s hottest tech success stories that created innovative development and collaboration software used the world over by the likes of Airbnb, Tinder and e-bay. Working in various fields of tech, they recognised the potential for software that would shift the industry. They saw gaps in the market, which is how their signature product, JIRA, came into being. Initially only answering the call to their own business requirements, JIRA is now even used by NASA to collaborate on, manage and organise projects.

Today they have an entire stable of tech products that you might even be using in your own business. Products such as Trello for collaboration and team management, Bitbucket to help manage Git repositories or Confluence for organisation or discussion. Their eye for where tech would head and also how it can assist businesses thrive is what has helped them build their tech empire.

How can technology help shape the growth of your business?

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