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Today we rely on the internet for pretty much everything - but what happens when it goes down? Lachie and Jason sit down in the Evolve IT Lab and discuss three tips to survive an internet outage.

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G'day, guys, and welcome to the Evolve IT Labs. My name's Lachie Dixon and I look after the customer experience here at Evolve. Jase, why don't you introduce yourself?

Jason: Hi, my name's Jason Thomas and I'm the team lead here at Evolve IT for the service desk.

Lachie: Great. I'm excited about today's topic. We're gonna be discussing how to survive an internet outage. Obviously, we rely on the internet pretty much to do everything these days, so I'm looking forward to these three tips, Jase. Why don't you give us the first one?

Jason: Yeah. Look, for our Evolve clients, we'd recommend call us straight away. We treat internet outages as a really high-priority issue. If you're not sure that someone has talked to us about the issue, give us a call.

Lachie: Great. What about for those people watching the video that don't have an outsourced IT company or...what should they do?

Jason: Yeah. Get in touch with your provider or get in touch with your internal IT and let them know that's a business critical function that's not available to you.

Lachie: Great. All right, that's a good tip. Let's move on to our second one. What is it?

Jason: Yeah, the second one is have a plan B. Have another way of being able to access the internet. Now, it might be as simple as a hotspot through your smartphone, it might be a 4g file-over [SP] solution in case you're prime-reeling [SP] files.

Lachie: All right. What's our last tip? What have we got?

Jason: Yeah, get mobile. Take advantage of this cloud-enabled world. Go down to your local coffee shop, make yourself available to that WiFi system that they have, enjoy a coffee, and get into the cloud.

Lachie: That's great. So I can just whip down the caffeine and load up my [inaudible 00:01:39], load up my work environment anywhere I go. Have a couple of lattes, no dramas. Sounds good to me. All right, Jase, well, thank you very much for those tips. So what have we got? Call IT, have a plan B, and get mobile. So, great tips. Thank you very much. Hopefully, you guys got a lot out of it, and we'll see ya next time.


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