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This week we sat down with our Service Desk Team Lead, Jason Thomas and discussed how we could prevent data loss.

There is nothing worse than putting all your energy into a document or file only to lose it due to corruption or a system issue. We have come up with three things you can do today that will help prevent data loss. 


Lachie: Good day, guys. Welcome to the Evolve IT Lab. My name is Lachie Dixon and I look after Customer Experience here at Evolve IT, and this is Jace. Jace, why don't you introduce yourself. 

Jason: My name is Jason Thomas and I'm the team lead here for the Service Desk. Just on behalf of all the Service Desk techs, I'd like to wish everyone well, and I hope you find these videos informative and interesting.

Lachie: Great. Awesome. I'm sure they'll find this one interesting because it affects a lot of people. Today, we're gonna be talking about data loss and three things you can do to help prevent it, which is fantastic. So, Jace, why don't you start us off with our first two here.

Jason: Most important thing we can tell any of our clients, make sure you save your work on a regular basis. It's the number one thing you can do to prevent data loss.

Lachie: Awesome. Now, Word and programs like that, they come with an autosave feature. Can we rely on that?

Jason: Yeah, the short answer is no. Autosave is a backup. It's never a replacement for saving your work on a regular basis. If you're not sure when you last saved your document, probably, you should be saving it.

Lachie: Fantastic. All right, let's move on to our second tip. What is it?

Jason: Yeah. So, one thing we'd probably recommend people do on a regular basis is restart their workstation or notebook. Again, little bit depends on loading, how hard you're using that machine. The harder you're using it, the more likely it is a restart will help get it into an optimal state.

Lachie: Fantastic. All right, now, surely, you're gonna bring it home with this last tip. What's your third and final tip?

Jason: Yeah, best thing we can say to people is prevention is better than cure. So, save your work, restart your machine, you'll prevent most data loss problems, and prevention is always better than cure.

Lachie: Fantastic. Thanks for that, Jace. All right, guys, so there you have it, three tips to help prevent data loss. Hopefully, you got a lot out of it. See you next time.


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