How Apple Achieved A Decade Of iPhone Domination

Last week Apple celebrated ten years since it first launched the iPhone. I remember the day it was launched like yesterday; the world was excited – every news program was talking about it, and even in the country town of Hamilton, Victoria tech gurus were celebrating this game changer. 

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It seemed overnight that everyone had swapped their basic mobile phone to an iPhone when they were first launched in January 2007. Steve Jobs and the crew at Apple successfully designed an innovated an easy to use phone that they claimed was “five years ahead of any other phone” it was also the most expensive.

The iPhone quickly gained popularity selling 6 Million handsets in its first year alone, and today Apple turns hundreds of millions of handsets a year. Steve Jobs along with his smart marketing team created an empire of promoters which in turn has driven people to line up at Apple stores overnight just to get the newest released iPhone.

It is amazing to see how the iPhone and Apple have impacted our addiction to technology. We thought we would look back on a few innovations on how Apple achieved a decade of iPhone domination :

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#1 The app store

Launched in 2008 the iOS App Store gave us an easy way to buy, download and install applications. The iOS App Store drew software developers away from just creating Windows applications and moved them in the direction of creating mobile software devices as well.

The App Store was launched in July of 2008 with 552 apps with 135 of those being free and the others ranged from $1.00-$10.00. In September 2008, the store had recorded 100 Million downloads which is rather impressive.

Today there are over 2.2 million apps in the app store, and developers earnt a cool $20 billion dollars in 2016 alone, this might have been due to the fact we spent 900 million hours using apps last year!

#2 siri - Artificial intelligence

Our little robot friend popped up in the app store February 2010 and was purchased by Apple two months later. Siri was released with the iPhone 4s and was a first of her kind on a mobile device.  It didn’t take long for the others to catch-up with the Android launching Google Now and Microsoft launching Cortana. Since then artificial intelligence has found itself in cars and even our homes.

#3 Touch ID - Fingerprint scanner

Touch ID is one of my favourite features on my iPhone. Touch ID allows you to unlock your phone without having to type in a password. Touch ID can also replace your wallet with one touch.

Rather than typing in your password or pins for apps Touch ID also allows you to have ease of access and you can just tap your finger to authenticate.

#4 Apple pay - The Wallet

Together with Touch ID, Apple have now launched Apple Pay which meant that you no longer had to carry around your wallet. I used this the other week at the supermarkets and found it very easy to use.

  1.  Add you credit card to Apple wallet
  2. Press on the credit card you would like to use
  3. Hold your finger up to the Touch ID
  4. Hold your phone up to Eftpos machine

The best thing about Apple Pay is that none of your credit card details are shared when making a payment.

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