Four Important Trends In Modern Work Environments

Workplaces are constantly evolving with advances in technology and changes in the way that businesses are being conducted. As we run into the second half of 2018, here are four top trends that are being deemed highly important in modern working environments.

Focus On Employee Experience And Wellness

Businesses realise the importance of employee wellness, stability and experience, knowing that employees are the most important element of any business and are the reason it can continue operating to its full potential. According to HealthMine, 38% of employees say that work-based wellness initiatives have helped them reduce their sick days taken. If businesses want to attract the most highly skilled individuals for their vacancies, they need to ensure that their company culture and employee benefits are on point. A large amount of emphasis is being placed on ensuring that employees are comfortable in their working environments using a variety of tools, such as: medical benefits, wellness initiatives, company fitness programmes, yoga classes, meditation groups, cultural activities and much more.

Flexible And Remote Working Situations

More businesses are starting to offer flexibility to their employees in terms of hours required within the office, or being able to work remotely. The benefits of flexible working arrangements have shown to be impressive, leading employers to believe that if their employees are happy, the results show in their productivity and dedication to the business. While this may seem like a trend at the moment, it certainly looks like it’s shaping the future of things to come. Technology makes it so easy to manage a business remotely and it also gives employees the tools they need to get their jobs done in the same ways they would if they were sitting at a desk under the office roof.

Varied Communication Tools

Workplaces of today are starting to rely more on a multitude of communication tools rather than simply email, phone and face-to-face meetings. Communication tools are built with the facility to engage employees and stitch projects together, allowing for an agile approach to managing business rather than operating in the typical siloed approach that has been followed for so many years. Tools such as Trello, Google Docs, Slack, Microsoft Teams and many others make it possible for teams to collaborate across the globe.

Artificial Intelligence Is Becoming Used In The Workplace

Artificial intelligence (AI) is going to be prevalent in every electronic device within the next few years, so it was only a matter of time before it became a part of the workplace too. Certain businesses have already implemented AI to carry out day-to-day practices such as customer support, data collection, Q&A services to name a few. Spiceworks surveyed more than 560 IT professionals across the globe and found that 20% of them had already implemented chatbots in their businesses, while 40% had plans to implement systems in the near future. The biggest advantages of using AI are the freeing up of resources within the workplace, saving valuable time and of course, saving money. A study conducted by MIT Sloan Management Review revealed that 85% of businesses believe that AI will give them the competitive advantage they seek. This might be one of the biggest changes we are currently seeing and we can expect it to really take off over the next few years.

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