Ditching The Traditional Meeting Room For Microsoft Teams

We’ve all been called into meetings where no agenda has been set. The equipment in the meeting room doesn’t work, people are late, and a lot of banter gets thrown around before any productive use of time has been made. While this approach to conducting business might appeal to some, it has become the bane of traditional working conditions for others. Why is that? Because as business owners, we need to consider the old cliché that “time is money” and adopting practices to maximize effective use of time is essential.

Virtual meeting rooms and communication applications have brought about the opportunity to engage all employees in one space, without the need for them to travel to a specified location. An Internet connection and virtual meeting space such as Microsoft Teams, Slack or Google Hangouts is all that’s required for each employee or invitee to be present.

According to research conducted by the London Business School’s Global Leadership Summit, more than half of the global workforce will operate remotely by 2020. With telecommute and remote positions growing daily in all work environments, the way in which meetings are conducted also needs to evolve. This is why businesses are ditching the traditional meeting room in favour of online meeting rooms and communication tools such as Microsoft Teams.

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The Advantages Of Virtual Communication And Collaboration Tools

Communication and collaboration tools create a hub for teamwork and more efficient operations. Where traditional meeting rooms were a space for people to share ideas and presentations face to face, the same can be done with virtual spaces, only with more added features, seamless integration and definitive engagement.

Some other advantages of virtual meeting rooms include being able to:

  • Create audio, video or text conversations
  • Share, download and store all files related to the meeting that are instantly accessible by everyone
  • Record your meetings for later playback
  • Integrate applications such as Trello or GitHub
  • Have all the required tools at your disposal
    • How many times have you ventured into a meeting room only to find that you’ve left your pen and notepad behind?
  • Be able to attend the meeting from anywhere in the world
  • Include everyone on the team, without being in the same time zone
  • No need to waste time or fuel travelling to the meeting room. All you need is an Internet connection

Having everything related to your meeting accessible to all creates the space for effective use of time and resources, and also ensures that everyone is on the same page, so to speak. Being online, rather than face to face, does away with the need to engage in small talk prior to getting started. With virtual meeting rooms, attendees are more inclined to want to get straight to the point, which maximises on the time spent for all parties involved.

The outcome? Meetings become high performance engagements that deliver productive results for all team members and the business as a whole.

Using Microsoft Teams To Enhance Company Collaboration

Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based collaborative space that presents multiple ways to conduct meetings, whether they are internal, external or a combination of both. Teams are created as channels within Microsoft Teams, and each channel can be dedicated to different topics, projects, meetings or business groups. As an example, you can have your marketing, financial or account management teams each operating through their own channels.

Ideas can be conceptualised within a small channel before being shared enterprise-wide on a business channel that everyone is subscribed to. All related documentation, video content and files are saved within each channel and are accessible to those who are a part of it. Segmenting teams couldn’t be easier or more effective. You’ll also have access to detailed activity feeds for each channel, providing a much-needed snapshot of all action items taken by each team member. All of this created without the need for an administrator to take notes.

As business as we know it becomes disrupted, it’s important to start thinking about how we can advance with the changes, instead of as a result of them. The bottom line is that business needs to continue as usual.

How is your business aligned to create a virtual collaborative space that opens channels for communication throughout the entire business? Maybe it is time that you take a look at Microsoft Teams.

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