Discover How Technology Can Bring About Your Business Transformation

The future of technology is unknown and is likely to place demands on your business which will challenge your organisation to adapt. As your business grows and expands the use of technology is a reliable and efficient resource that you can take advantage of. A Business Transformation plan will allow you to be an innovative business while keeping your employees happy and processes in order. If you’re having trouble taking your business to the next level, technology can be the answer! 
Some frustrations of business that we see are lack of accountability; absence of clear communication; lack of efficiency; and the current  procedures not contributing to the smooth flow of your business.  

Whilst continuously  keeping your business strategy in line with your business vision and values is essential, some other key areas to consider when working on Business Transformation are Mobility,  Scalability, Outsourcing, and Suppliers. 

Modern Work Place Tools


Your child is unwell and needs to stay home from school? Meetings outside of hours due to different time zones? Weather keeping you from travelling to the office? The list could go on! Work interruptions will happen, as life happens! Implementing a few technology tricks in your business transformation strategy can keep communication flowing in your business and the work moving. 

Implementing the right devices for your business can make the process of working remotely easy for anyone who can’t be in your office. Having the use of a tablet device for business use means you can essentially set up your office from anywhere,  anytime. Mobile phones are small computers in our pockets which we can use to our advantage from a business perspective. Using a mobile phone for business means emails and calls can be made from any location. This could mean eliminating the need for a hard-wired phone line and being stuck to your desk waiting for that important call or email to come through. 

This also opens doors to being able to offer your employees a work from home option. This kind of workplace flexibility provides a work/life balance which can keep your employees happy.

Having the possibilities readily available for working remotely can reduce stress, improve efficiency and help solve the issue of too much disruption to the workflow. With the aid of the right technology, working remotely can be a breeze! 


An organisation needs to be ready for any sudden growth. Your technology solution needs to be able to accommodate for sudden growth and performance in your business. 

Implementing  technology can be an as simple as making the move to office 365 or a large-scale business transformation like moving everything over to a cloud environment. 

Moving to a Cloud environment is a perfect partner for  scalability.  Traditionally  you  would  purchase hardware that has an expiry date , and if your business were to expand or decrease in size,  you would have to make do with the same hardware and incur the related expense. However,  a cloud solution  will  allow your business to move with the changing environment without the worry of what to do with the hardware. Essentially you are renting the hardware and buying licenses -- paying monthly and avoiding the cost of having hardware located in your office space. 

Besides,  if your business increases and a cloud environment is in use , you can easily collaborate across teams to ensure clear communication by having access to additional applications. Some included applications your business could take advantage of in Office 365 are Skype for business and Microsoft Teams. These applications also contribute to creating a flexible work environment, for example, it becomes effortless to stay connected to your team whilst working remotely.

In the long run,  implementing the secure cloud environment will also offer value for money and is beneficial for all business types. Think of a scenario where you want to onboard a new staff member. However, you don't have a physical desk location for them to set up quite yet. You can set them up on the cloud network, using any device, and they will be able to connect and get started remotely. Talk about efficiency!   


Having an in-house IT department can be a costly part of business especially if they should fall ill. Outsourcing your IT can take the stress out of a situation like that. Furthermore, you would have the backing of a whole team of people to help you when you need it most.  

Getting professional advice from IT engineers that know the industry and content means your business will get the attention it needs in a crisis. A good outsourced IT company will learn your business systems and unique requirements to assist with your specific needs. A team of IT professionals can provide instant support for challenges from a locked computer to constant monitoring of your systems to alert you when something has gone wrong, and then fix it quickly. Outsourcing the IT for the business helps with accountability and security of your networks and systems with 24/7 assistance. 


Out of stationary? Your office needs groceries? Broken computer screen? Too busy to go shopping for IT repairs and purchases? Maybe you think ordering online from your suppliers would not make an impact on your business; however once you think of all the time you will save,  you will not look back.  

In the world we live in there are so many things you can order online which will help your employees make more efficient use of time -- many companies will offer an online ordering and delivery service. It is worth making online orders with your stationary company or local supermarket instead of taking time out of the office. Why not make tasks like stocking up with office needs easy and time efficient?


In summary, with the future being an unknown factor, technology can assist the flow of your Business even when it is transforming to adapt to changed conditions. By providing the right tools for your business, you can reduce the frustrations that interrupt the development of your Business Transformation strategy. 

Key points to remember: 

  • Introducing your team to the ease of mobile working when needed will improve the communication and accountability in your business. This stops interruptions in the flow of your business. Also, it can create a positive work/life balance for employees.
  • Moving to a cloud environment helps  business scalability and can assist  with  your business expanding or contracting. A Cloud environment can also give you confidence in your network and increase communication within your company. 
  • Taking away your stress by outsourcing your IT pain points keeps your business up to date and secure.  
  • Lastly, to improve business efficiency something as simple as ordering stationary or office groceries online can be a huge time saver. 

How do you think technology can take your business to the next level?

Posted by Vikki Gill

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