Cybersecurity tips for NFPs

Regardless of the type of organisation you run, or the size of your operation, the risk of a cybersecurity breach is ever-present. Hackers are skilled and relentless, and security protocols change constantly.

As a charity, health/community organisation or not-for-profit, the information that you collect and store about the community is highly sensitive. Any breach to your security could have very serious ramifications.

The Australian government has also recently made amendments to the Privacy Act, which specify that you are obligated to publicly disclose any security breaches to your organisational data. To protect your reputation on an ongoing basis, maintaining a high level of security protection is therefore even more vital.

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The good news is that there are several steps that you can take to protect your precious data. These include:

1. Moving to the cloud

By putting all of your data in a secure cloud environment, you can take advantage of your cloud provider’s infrastructure to guarantee a high level of security. Compared with an on-premise storage solution – for which you would have to install manual patches to keep it up to date – a cloud-based solution can be updated automatically and whenever a new protocol is available. The Microsoft Azure cloud, for instance, even offers continuous security health monitoring. 

With a cloud-based platform, you also have the peace of mind of knowing that all of your data is regularly backed up in a secure location and can be easily retrieved, so there’s no chance of it being permanently corrupted or lost.


2. Educating your people

Your employees should be your first line of defence when it comes to security. Ensure they are always up to date on the different types of security threats, how to identify them, and any viruses that could infiltrate your network. These could include viruses sent in email attachments, malware that is spread via social media, and websites that are designed to appear trustworthy while offering false software updates for download.

If you’re unsure where to start, the team at Evolve IT is happy to provide advice on the best way to keep your people up to date.


3. Investing in a managed security solution

When evaluating your technology spend this EOFY, cybercrime – and taking steps to prevent it – should be top of mind.

By engaging an expert technology partner such as Evolve IT to provide a managed web protection service, you gain the peace of mind of knowing that the whole package is taken care of for you.

We would start by running penetration tests on your organisation to determine any areas of weakness, and would then help you take any necessary steps to tighten your security, and manage it on an ongoing, month-to-month basis.

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