Risk management in nonprofit organizations

The benefits of modern IT are commonly spruiked. Less often discussed however, are the potential risks. As important as maintaining current infrastructure and adopting modern technology, identifying these risks and planning for a worst-case scenario is the key to..

19 September, 2017

How the not for profit technology landscape is changing

Decreased not for profit sector funding and engagement has brought forth an industry-wide tech revolution. NFP technology strategies now focus on building advocacy, staff efficiency and improved impact measurement. This revolution is in stark contrast to traditional..

12 September, 2017

Achieve enhanced SROI with a winning not for profit technology strategy

A key issue facing non for profits is how to continually maximise social impact for every dollar of investment. A winning not for profit technology strategy achieves enhanced social return on investment by supporting a range of technology solutions that encourage..

05 September, 2017

Creating a strategic ICT plan for your nfp organisation

As the not-for-profit sector becomes increasingly competitive, you need to find ways to do more with the tools and resources you already have. Information and Communications Technology (ICT) plays a vital role in enabling you to identify efficiencies, reach..

30 August, 2017

Looking to move to the cloud? Ask the not-for-profit cloud experts

As many NFPs operate on a lean budget and have limited IT resources, moving to the cloud can be an understandably difficult proposition.

However, when it comes to the cloud, the benefits clearly outweigh the difficulties and can actually help NFPs save time and..

23 August, 2017

The link between being customer centric and IT revenue

Evolve IT was invited to speak at the Synnex Alliance 2017 in a panel discussion on the importance of customer centricity, changing customer profiles and the meaning of digital transformation.

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17 August, 2017

Cybersecurity tips for NFPs

Regardless of the type of organisation you run, or the size of your operation, the risk of a cybersecurity breach is ever-present. Hackers are skilled and relentless, and security protocols change constantly.

As a charity, health/community organisation or..

16 August, 2017

4 ways you can achieve successful ROI for your NFP

When you operate a not-for-profit, every dollar counts. In order to raise awareness for your cause, attract ongoing support, and generate results for the community, smart financial management is extremely important. For this reason, many NFPs are turning to..

09 August, 2017

Why CFOs Need Cyber Security Awareness

Cybercriminals Target CFOs And Business Owners

Cybercriminal s  continue to target those in financial positions   in an attempt to  gain access company finances .
04 August, 2017

3 key ways data insights can generate results for your NFP

Today, data is everywhere. As a charity, health/community organisation or not-for-profit organisation, you collect and house a surprisingly enormous amount of information about your cause, your organisation, and the members of the community with whom you interact.


02 August, 2017