Achieve enhanced SROI with a winning not for profit technology strategy

A key issue facing non for profits is how to continually maximise social impact for every dollar of investment. A winning not for profit technology strategy achieves enhanced social return on investment by supporting a range of technology solutions that encourage asset productivity.

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Here are four tech-driven considerations that your not for profit should consider when aiming to improve return on investment:


Your organisation can reduce costly up-front capital expenses by adopting a cloud based IT infrastructure. On premise IT expenditures include hefty server hardware and associated storage and maintenance costs that may fluctuate. In contrast, cloud computing solutions only require cloud storage fees on a per-user, per month basis. Migrating to the cloud can also decrease capital expenses, hereby improving cash flow.

Cloud computing has been found to improve work productively as employees may access an immediate and centralised source for relevant information, regardless of their location. Improving resource accessibility is key when nurturing a high-performing-work-team as motivated employees work faster and generate better results.

By minimising capital cost inputs and improving asset efficiency, your return on investments will grow.


Outsourcing your IT support to a trusted third party improves reliability and ensures system uptime. Focused IT companies are continuously trained and regularly handle cyberattacks, which equip outsourced technicians with sophisticated system improvement techniques and handling capabilities. This provides peace of mind and an opportunity to better mobilise employees on projects that focus on strategic business goals.  

Investing in managed services also improves cost and revenue performance. Maintaining an internal IT support team requires various expenditure items such as training, capital and upkeep costs. These expenses may also become cumbersome to track. Alternatively, managed services enjoy specialisation cost benefits which may be leveraged to sit within a favourable budget.


The advent of digital technology, particularly social media, has been fantastic for the not-for-profit sector. Digital marketing provides a range of new and inexpensive channels which can increase raise awareness and improve the process of giving back to the community. It also reduces your reliance on traditional media channels such as TV, radio and print, which have become extremely expensive and from the target audience’s perspective, incredibly interruptive.

Investment into a well-designed and easy-to-use website should see fast returns, provided factors such as search engine optimisation and content are maximised. Websites are a powerful marketing tool as they can be amended to reflect your brand, mission and purpose. Your non for profit should aim to create compelling content and clearly outline how a prospect may contribute to make a difference.


Regular communications to both internal and external stakeholders will ensure that your target audience and team members are constantly engaged and motivated. It is common for charities, health/community organisations and not-for-profits to manage communication processes via phone and email. This process can be extremely time consuming and often, ineffective. Switching to a reliable ICT framework can automate communications. Technology initiatives such as workplace sharing software, machine learning and SMS communication can engage the community by informing them about latest initiatives in a timely and innovative manner.

The Reach Foundation is a great example of a non for profit that has utilised technology to mobilise their strategy. Reach was able to transform their digital strategy with the help of Evolve IT. Our digital transformation strategy for Reach deployed a range of tools, such as Microsoft 365, to improve internal communications. Evolve IT continues manage Reach’s dynamic digital transformation strategy and provide ongoing helpdesk support.

READ OUR WHITEPAPER  Why a digital transformation is vital for NFPs

Evolve IT is extremely proud of our continuous involvement and support for the non for profit community by developing customised solutions for our clients that improve their digital processes.

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Posted by Sophia Lin

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