5 Online Tools To Improve Your Organisations Grammar And Spelling

English is one of the most detailed and complicated languages in the world, even the best writers can make mistakes when it comes to spelling and grammar.

Effective communication is important, as it adds trust and value to your brand. It’s an instant red flag if a business is careless proofreading their content, do you really want them to help grow your organisation?

Take this for example: "Come in, were open!" & "Come in, we’re open!"

Did you have to re-read that first example?

Yeah, that’s not a good first impression, poor grammar is distracting and can lower your credibility.

The nuances of the English language paired with the power of grammar and punctuation means that to communicate clearly, we need to write accurately.

The great news is, there are many online tools out there to help us write clear and engaging text.


What does it do?

Grammarly, as the name suggests, is a grammar checker. It can connect to your browser and office programs and will highlight potential punctuation and spelling mistakes, offering an on the spot fix to help you write engaging content.

Improve organisation grammar grammarly

How can it benefit you?

Unique to online grammar checkers is Grammarly’s explanation of your mistakes. It actively explains your mistake above the suggested fix when the text is highlighted. It also helps you understand where improvement in your writing can come from as it checks for incorrect use of tense or unnecessary comma placement. These features and its user-friendly interface have helped Grammarly become a popular tool to use.

Where can I access it?

A free browser extension is available for Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge, allowing the program access to your writing on most browsers.

The free service provides basic spelling, grammar, style and wordiness checks.

Grammarly Premium is a paid service at $30 a month or $140 a year and offers advanced editing features. This includes genre-specific writing style checks, vocabulary enhancement suggestions and it can even double as a plagiarism checker which could save you a lot of trouble!



Similarly, there a few grammar checking alternatives:






What does it do?

WordCounter counts words and characters of text at its most basic. It also has some advanced features that are easy to use and can help break your writing down into manageable and readable blocks, making proofreading a bit easier to manage!

Writing structure tool wordcounter

How can it benefit you?

What WordCounter does effectively is present an easy to read summary of its analytics. On the sites sidebar there are some useful statistics such as reading and writing time based on average human capabilities and the total number of characters, words and paragraphs. Its most advanced tool indicates the level of education a reader would need to understand the words in your vocabulary. This can help identify how complex and advanced your word choice is, particularly when writing for a specific audience.

Residing on a web page, just cutting and pasting text into the prominent text box will return the mentioned analytics in a matter of seconds. It is entirely free and can be enhanced by use in collaboration with Grammarly.

Where can I access it?


Microsoft Immersive Reader

What does it do?

Immersive Reader is a part of the broader Microsoft Learning Tools ecosystem. It gives a user the ability to have text read aloud to them. The program then allows users a range of capabilities to break those words down into manageable pieces. This tool can benefit people with learning barriers such as dyslexia and can also be used for reading text aloud when you’re not quite sure that it flows.

Recently, Immersive Reader has been added to Microsoft programs such as Microsoft Teams where your conversations can be read out with the click of a button.

The Speak add-on is available in all Microsoft Office programs and allows you to listen to your written text. Like Immersive Reader, this tool can assist with proofreading – especially when you’re uncertain about how your sentences sound when read aloud.  

Text to speech tool microsoft immersive reader

How can it benefit you?

When reading back over text, specific nuances in language and pacing can easily be missed if you’re proofreading your own work. When reading aloud, the placement of commas and full stops come naturally. Having text spoken back to the writer out loud can help monitor where these pauses are and whether punctuation needs to be added. A large chunk of text without punctuation can be challenging to read and comprehend, but Immersive Reader and Microsoft Speak can help you to identify any issues.

Where can I access it?

Available with all major Microsoft products, such as Edge, Word, Outlook and OneNote.

To launch Immersive Reader in Microsoft Teams, the “…” menu in any conversation or chat and choose Immersive Reader.


Alternatively, Microsoft speak is integrated into Microsoft Office Applications and provides the same text speak feature:

Microsoft Speak


Microsoft OneNote

What does it do?

Essentially a virtual notebook, OneNote is a note-taking program where users can record and file notes. The service is included in the Office 365 subscription, OneNote makes finding notes amongst potentially hundreds of pages easy via a search function.

How can it benefit you?

With everything involving study and business moving online, having a program that is with you on your phone and computer allows for quick, easy and efficient note taking. A short tutorial can be seen here from a Microsoft Employee.

Where can I access it?

A Mobile app is also available.

Hemingway Editor

What does it do?

Specializing in sentence readability, Hemingway Editor actively grades your sentence structure. The program highlights text based on sentence structure.

Yellow indicates a sentence that needs a little work, and red indicates a sentence that needs to be re-written.

Its goal is to make your writing clearer and more concise, urging the writer to simplify their content.

writing editor hemingway editor

How can it benefit you?

Writing for the Internet generally calls for short and simple sentences. Readers tend to scan or skim text to find meaning quickly. Big chunks of text, whether it be long, wordy sentences or entire paragraphs are often ignored or skimmed for keywords. Hemingway Editor gives users a tool to predict and manage their writing, so this doesn’t happen.

Where can I access it?

The app is integrated into your browser, to get started just paste text onto the page after pressing the ‘Write’ tab. Once finished click the 'Edit' tab and Hemingway will highlight all the issues it identifies.



These tools can help you become a better writer as they can help you proofread, spell and grammar check your content before it goes out to your intended audience. The tools above are just examples of how technology can enable your workplace to be more efficient and productive in the workplace.


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