Why Vendor Alignment Is So Important For Data Management

Non-profit organisations need to be incredibly savvy today in order to maximise their available resources. One of the best ways to lay a solid and strong foundation for exceptional work is through sound data management. Having complete control over your most..

15 January, 2019

[PRESS RELEASE] Powernet IT Solutions And Evolve IT Australia Merge

08 January, 2019

File Naming Best Practices for Non-Profits

Your organisations data is more valuable than money. It is the new currency of the technological age, and as such, should be protected and stored correctly.

08 January, 2019

The Five Best CRM Software Solutions For Non-Profits

Before appropriate advances in technology had struck, contact management with non-profit organisations was a tedious and manual task. Each and every interaction with clients was logged manually – if at all – and didn’t really provide very accurate or lasting..

01 January, 2019

Preparing for 2019

The new year presents a landmark time that can represent a fresh beginning. The problem? Business never stops, there's always an email to respond to, a project to finish or an idea to develop. So, we’re going to run through a few tech tips that will help you take a..

25 December, 2018

Podcasts You Need To Listen To

Podcasts are now more popular than ever. Much of their rise in popularity can be attributed to increased accessibility and convenience. Value and knowledge can be taken away whilst washing the dishes or commuting to work. While radio and TV are seeing a decline in..

18 December, 2018

Holiday Gift Ideas for Techies

With the holidays just around the corner, we’ve put together our list of creative gift ideas for you! With our wish-list ranging from below $50 to over $500, you’re guaranteed to find an unexpected gift for the techie who already has everything!

11 December, 2018

Five Ways Poor Data Management Can Hurt Your Business

Poor data management practices can be detrimental to your business. On the other hand, an effective data management system can make storing, accessing and locating files very efficient. Data is your business’ most valuable asset, so the effective storage and..

04 December, 2018

4 Ways You Can Use Your Company Data To Make Better Decisions

We have already iterated the importance of data and how it can drive businesses forward by giving them a clear view of where they are doing things right and wrong.

27 November, 2018

Five Ways You Can Use Keywords To Make Your File Structure More Searchable

With cloud-based storage systems like SharePoint becoming increasingly popular in the workplace, it's important to make sure that your data is managed and stored effectively. Using logical and consistent tags, labels and naming conventions will make it easier for..

20 November, 2018

The Importance Of A Perfect Data Management Framework

Data is your most valuable asset, no matter what business you operate. For non-profits, it’s no different. Your data is the backbone of everything you do: it’s the names and contact details of all your donors, it’s the statistics on your reports, it’s the details..

13 November, 2018

Five Tips to Ensure Your Data Remains Secure, Relevant and Accessible

Adopting a secure and accessible data management solution can protect your business from data theft, misplaced documents and can save employees hours of labour as files are readily accessible.

06 November, 2018

Ten Ways to Educate New Employees on Data Management

What is data management?

30 October, 2018

Five Signs You Have A Complex IT Environment

IT environments have evolved extensively in the last few years as new and more robust technologies have become available.

23 October, 2018

5 Online Tools To Improve Your Organisations Grammar And Spelling

English is one of the most detailed and complicated languages in the world, even the best writers can make mistakes when it comes to spelling and grammar.

16 October, 2018

Introduction To Microsoft Power BI Dashboards

In keeping up with digital transformation, Microsoft has created an analytics service called Power BI. It’s basically their answer to Google Analytics, it operates via cloud computing and it’s pretty impressive.

09 October, 2018

Everything You Need To Know About Microsoft Philanthropies

In a world where everything is becoming automated, artificial intelligence is replacing human jobs and those without technological know-how are being left behind; Microsoft Philanthropies is creating opportunity.

02 October, 2018

5 Ways To Effectively Communicate With Volunteers

We live in an age of information and the flow of digital transformation is rapid and increasing. How you communicate is paramount to the success of your organisation. Here are some tips on how to connect the different stakeholders, staff and volunteers in the..

25 September, 2018

4 ways Microsoft 365 Business can enhance your workplace.

The rapid adoption of technology in the modern workplace is driving a change in company business models, economies and even cultures across the world at a speed that has never been seen before. Organisation’s now make decisions based on data, not past experience and..

18 September, 2018

Why Employee Of The Month Certificates Might Be Hurting Your Company Culture

Keeping employees engaged in their roles at work is an essential element that contributes to the company’s success. One of the easiest and most effective ways to enhance employee engagement is to recognize them where recognition is due. Employee rewards and..

11 September, 2018

Five Things Your Non-Profit Should Consider Before A Technology Refresh

Digital transformation has taken the world by storm, stirring up the way that people run their businesses, whether they are Fortune 500s, start-ups or non-profits. With technology becoming more intuitive and intelligent every day,

04 September, 2018

[VIDEO] 5 Features You Didn't Know Existed in the Evolve IT App

Today in the Evolve IT lab Lachie is joined by Jason our very own service desk manager to discuss the features you didn't know about in the Evolve IT app and how by using the app we can make the customer experience more pleasant. The Application has many unique..

30 August, 2018

Five Ways Non-Profits Can Use Artificial Intelligence to Their Advantage


We are living in an age where technology is taking center stage in terms of progress and awe-inspiring innovation.

28 August, 2018

Three reasons cloud computing is gaining so much popularity

A key pillar of the modern workplace is cloud computing. Cloud computing delivers high-level computing services using a network of remote servers that are hosted online, via ‘the cloud’. It does away with the need for physical infrastructure and is offered through..

21 August, 2018

[VIDEO] How to identify scammers

Today in the Evolve IT lab Lachie and Ben discuss how to identify scammers, what to do if you are contacted by one and how does scamming occur?

17 August, 2018

5 key steps to expanding your business.

So, you’ve started your business, you continue to maintain it, although the thought of expanding comes to mind every now and then. One fine morning, your walking through your neighborhood and you notice the shop on the corner that used to be tiny is now a..

14 August, 2018

[VIDEO] Building An Incident Response Plan

Today in the Evolve IT Lab, Lachie and Ben discuss what you should include in your incident response plan. Are you prepared for a data breach? Watch on here

09 August, 2018

Innovative ways for NFPs to reduce employee turnover.

Not for profit organisations (NFPs) face an ongoing struggle with employee turnover and tenure.

07 August, 2018

[VIDEO] Whats It Like Working In Cyber Security?

Lachie and Ben gather today in the Evolve IT Lab to have a different discussion on what it’s like to work in cybersecurity. Is it enjoyable? How do they stay on top of threats? What’s the worst attack you’ve seen?

02 August, 2018

How Non-Profits Can Reduce the Cost of Knowledge Loss


In today’s world of social media, the reputation of any organisation can be ruined very quickly. Equally so with the advent of the internet, every organisation is put at greater levels of risk than ever.

31 July, 2018

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