5 key steps to expanding your business.

So, you’ve started your business, you continue to maintain it, although the thought of expanding comes to mind every now and then. One fine morning, your walking through your neighborhood and you notice the shop on the corner that used to be tiny is now a..

14 August, 2018

[VIDEO] Building An Incident Response Plan

Today in the Evolve IT Lab, Lachie and Ben discuss what you should include in your incident response plan. Are you prepared for a data breach? Watch on here

09 August, 2018

Innovative ways for NFPs to reduce employee turnover.

Not for profit organisations (NFPs) face an ongoing struggle with employee turnover and tenure.

07 August, 2018

[VIDEO] Whats It Like Working In Cyber Security?

Lachie and Ben gather today in the Evolve IT Lab to have a different discussion on what it’s like to work in cybersecurity. Is it enjoyable? How do they stay on top of threats? What’s the worst attack you’ve seen?

02 August, 2018

How Non-Profits Can Reduce the Cost of Knowledge Loss


In today’s world of social media, the reputation of any organisation can be ruined very quickly. Equally so with the advent of the internet, every organisation is put at greater levels of risk than ever.

31 July, 2018

[VIDEO] How To Tell If Your Bank Cards Have Been Breached?

Today in the Evolve IT lab Lachie and Ben dive into a conversation about bank cards and how secure they are. In the video, the two discuss how you can tell if your bank card has been breached.

26 July, 2018

Why Australian Businesses Are Going Serverless

More Australian businesses are choosing to go serverless and the numbers are only set to grow as the advantages of this solution continue to rise. What do we mean by “going serverless?” Exactly as it sounds: abdicating from the use of servers, operating systems and..

24 July, 2018

[VIDEO] What Does Malware Actually Do To Your Computer?

 Today in the Evolve IT lab Lachie and Ben discuss Malware. Previously we have discussed how to avoid getting malware and what malware is. However, today we will be discussing what it does to your computer?

19 July, 2018

How A Digital Culture Can Boost Your Bottom Line

If you’re not using technology in your business today, you could well be missing out on a wealth of opportunity. Transforming your business into a modern workplace will not only give it a new lease on life, but it will also help you take full advantage of a myriad..

17 July, 2018

[VIDEO] How To Educate Your Board On Cybersecurity

Today in the Evolve IT Lab, Lachie and Ben Discuss educating your board on cybersecurity and explaining why it is essential to your business. These conversations need to go forth to the board because generally any enhancements or updates that you wish to make in..

12 July, 2018

Simplifying Your Complex IT For Improved Employee Experience

Businesses are constantly competing for an advantage over one another and technology is one of the foremost ways to ensure you have leverage over your competitors. Multiple systems are implemented to improve our lives, but with so many products and services..

10 July, 2018

[VIDEO] Identifying Security Vulnerabilities In Your Organisation

Do you have security vulnerabilities in your organisation? Today in the Evolve IT Lab, Ben and Lachie have a chat about identifying these security vulnerabilities in your organisation. When cybercriminals attack  your organisation, they attempt to identify a..

05 July, 2018

Are We More Productive In The Workplace Or Just Busier?

There is a fine line between being busy and being productive. One could say they are the same thing, but there is a distinct difference. Busyness is the act of being busy (obviously) and simply doing multiple things in succession. If you are reading this blog post,..

03 July, 2018

[VIDEO] WannaCry And NotPetya Explained

Today in the Evolve IT Lab, Lachie and Ben take a deep dive into a pair of ransomware attacks that changed everything.  WannaCry and NotPetya were part the next generation malware - built to destroy.

28 June, 2018

Maintaining The Balance Between OpEx And CapEx

When it comes to investment in your IT department, there are two categories of business expenses that are considered:

  1. OpEx (operating expenditure)
  2. CapEx (capital expenditure)
26 June, 2018

[VIDEO] Nonprofits Guide To Cybersecurity

Today in the Evolve IT Lab, Lachie and Ben discuss a nonprofits guide to cybersecurity. What risks are your nonprofit exposed to and how can you protect it? Watch on here where we touch on a few of these risks.

22 June, 2018

Four Important Trends In Modern Work Environments

Workplaces are constantly evolving with advances in technology and changes in the way that businesses are being conducted. As we run into the second half of 2018, here are four top trends that are being deemed highly important in modern working environments.

19 June, 2018

How You Can Shape Business Growth With Technology

We live in an age where there is no escape from technology, no matter what business you’re involved in. Even the most offline, land-based business will have a requirement for technology in some way, shape or form, be it through a point-of-sale system or their..

12 June, 2018

[VIDEO] How AI Has Impacted Cybersecurity

Today in the Evolve IT Lab, Ben and Lachie discuss how artificial intelligence has impacted the cybersecurity world. In this video you will see how AI is giving the good guys the advantage.

07 June, 2018

Top Five Internal Barriers To Workplace Communication

We all know that communication is key when it comes to a properly-functioning workplace. Without effective communication, there is no collaboration or engagement, without collaboration between engaged employees, things start to fall apart.

06 June, 2018

Ditching The Traditional Meeting Room For Microsoft Teams

We’ve all been called into meetings where no agenda has been set. The equipment in the meeting room doesn’t work, people are late, and a lot of banter gets thrown around before any productive use of time has been made.

29 May, 2018

Why Flexible Working Arrangements Make Employees More Productive

The digital age has brought about substantial shifts in the way we work. Typical 8 to 5 office jobs are being disrupted in favour of more flexible telecommute roles and remote positions.

22 May, 2018

[VIDEO] Introduction To Identity Management

Today in the Evolve IT, Lachie and Ben discuss Identity Management.  How secure is your business identity? watch on here.

17 May, 2018

[VIDEO] Why Secure Passwords Are Important

Today in the Evolve IT Lab, Lachie and Ben discuss secure username and  passwords. We often find that users want to use simple passwords like their first name, last name or their date of birth. 

11 May, 2018

8 Best Daily Routines of Highly Productive People to Drive Success

Let’s take a look at some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs day to day routines. By implementing some of these tips into your daily routine, you can become more productive too.

09 May, 2018

[VIDEO] What Is More Secure MAC V Windows

Today in the Evolve IT Lab Lachie and Ben answer the question what is more secure MAC or Windows? MACs are often thought as being more secure than windows. However, this is not always the case.

03 May, 2018

The limitations imposed by software-layer networking on Public Cloud

The benefits of public cloud services like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services are well known and frequently highlighted. And with good reason – public cloud offers extremely reliable, highly available and easily scalable architecture for IT infrastructure..

01 May, 2018

[VIDEO] - Securing Mobile Devices

Today in the Evolve IT Lab, Lachie and Ben discuss the risks of mobile devices in your workplace. Are your employees using their personal devices to connect to the corporate email or network? You may need to watch this video.

26 April, 2018

8 Microsoft Teams tips and tricks

Imagine the simplicity of Skype connecting you to anyone anywhere together with Facebook’s features that brings the farthest friend closer with one tap, all these accessible in one single application. Imagine the convenient Skype and the engaging Facebook working..

24 April, 2018

[VIDEO] The Hidden Security Risks Of the IoT

Today in the Evolve IT Lab, Ben and Lachie discuss the security risks of the  Internet of Things. Each organisation will find that they have 100's of IoT devices connected to their network. Although these devices help both company and user be more efficient, they..

20 April, 2018

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